How many digits is a JCPenney card?

How many digits is a JCPenney card?

Find your 19-digit number on the back of the card.

What does JCPenney credit card start with?

JCPenney has 2 store-branded cards issued by Synchrony Bank: a basic credit card and a Mastercard….The JCPenney Credit Cards at a Glance.

JCPenney Credit Card JCPenney Mastercard®
Late Fee Up to $38 Up to $38

How do I find my JCPenney credit card number?

Find your account number on your JCP credit card or statement. From the JCPenney online credit center, click the “Register” button. Enter your JCPenney card account number and billing address ZIP code. Click “Continue” to choose your user ID and password.

What is card number format?

While the vast majority of cards and card types use 16 digits, chunked into 4-digit sequences – like all VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB cards – a few card types deviate. The most important deviation is the 15-digit AMEX number which uses a 4-6-5 chunking.

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What is the 800 number for JCPenney?

1 (800) 322-1189
JCPenney/Customer service

Who is JCPenney credit card through?

The JCPenney Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank.

What numbers do credit cards start with?

The First 6-digits

  • American Express cards always begin with the number 3- more specifically 34 or 37.
  • Visa cards begin with the number 4.
  • Mastercards start with the number 5.
  • Discover Cards begin with the number 6.

What type of card starts with 3?

American Express
If your card starts with 3, your card uses the American Express network. Visa starts with 4, a Mastercard is 5 and Discover is 6. Other numbers are used to identify the industry.

Does JCPenney have a phone number?

How do I pay my JCPenney card online?

You may make a payment through the JCPenney Online Credit Center (log in and select “pay your bill online” from the navigation bar).