How many Guanines are found in a ds DNA that has 700 hydrogen bonds and 10 percent adenine?

How many Guanines are found in a ds DNA that has 700 hydrogen bonds and 10 percent adenine?

From your question it seems unclear whether 10\% of the bases are Adenine or if 10\%of the total H-bonds are from Adenine. Anyway,I will answer it in both the cases. now solving we get,n=500,as G=40\%of n,so G=200.

How do you calculate the number of nucleotides?

According to Chargaff rule,

  1. Here adenine residues =120, cytosine residues = 120.
  2. there fore total number of nucleotides = [A] + [T]+ [C]+[G] =120 X 4 = 480.
  3. In humans, there is approximately 30\% adenine.
  4. According to Chargaff’s rule, [A]+[G]=[C]+[T]
  5. Here [A]=30\% therefore \% of [T] is also 30\%.
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How many hydrogen bonds are present between A and T?

Adenine and thymine similarly pair via hydrogen bond donors and acceptors; however an AT base pair has only two hydrogen bonds between the bases.

How many bonds are there between hydrogen and cytosine?

3 hydrogen bonds
Adenine pairs with thymine with 2 hydrogen bonds. Guanine pairs with cytosine with 3 hydrogen bonds. This creates a difference in strength between the two sets of Watson and Crick bases.

How many base pairs would a DNA segment of length 1.36 Millimetre have?

length 1.36mm would have is 4×106 base pairs.

How many hydrogen bonds are there between A & T and between G & C?

The two-hydrogen bond interaction between adenine (A) and thymine (T) and the three-hydrogen bond interaction between guanine (G) and cytosine (C).

How many hydrogen bonds are present in adenine and thymine?

two hydrogen bonds
Base pairing between adenine and thymine can be found in DNA only. There are two hydrogen bonds holding the two nitrogenous bases together.

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How many hydrogen bonds are present between cytosine and guanine?

three hydrogen bonds
Cytosine and guanine pairing can be found in both DNA and DNA-RNA hybrid formed during replication and transcription. The two nitrogenous bases are held together by three hydrogen bonds.

How many hydrogen bonds does adenine and cytosine have?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a guanine–cytosine (GC) base pair has three hydrogen bonds whereas adenine–thymine (AT) has two. But James Watson and Francis Crick didn’t see it that way back in 1953 when they published the structure of DNA.

How many hydrogen bonds are there in 500 guanines?

If there are 500 guanines, there are also 500 cytosines because they are complementary and form base pairs. Again, there must be 500 hydrogen bonds holding each guanine to each cytosine. The total amount of hydrogen bonds in this molecule of DNA is 700.

How many total H-bonds are made of adenine’s?

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Adenines use two H-bonds and guanines use three H-bonds and there are total 700 H-bonds. Thus, Also, 10℅ of total H-bonds are made of Adenine’s.

What does 10\% Adenine in DNA mean?

The lenght of the DNA in question is 250 bp. 200 of CG pairs and 50 of AT pairs. 10\% adenine means also 10\% thymine which in turn leads to 40\% of cytosine and 40\% guanine. AT pairs have 2 hydrogen bonds while CG pairs have 3 hydrogen bonds.

Why do cytosine and guanine make up a nitrogenous base pair?

Guanine and cytosine make up a nitrogenous base pair because their available hydrogen bond donors and hydrogen bond acceptors pair with each other in space. Guanine and cytosine are said to be complementary to each other. This is shown in the image below, with hydrogen bonds illustrated by dotted lines.