How old is Istanbul Technical University?

How old is Istanbul Technical University?

243 years
Modern Turkey With its long history of 243 years, its modern teaching environment, and well-qualified teaching staff, Istanbul Technical University today is the personification of engineering and architectural education in Turkey.

How good is Turkish education?

1. QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES. Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2\% schooling rate. So, the diploma you receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries!

What is the reputation of Istanbul Technical University?

Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest and most renowned universities of Turkey. The university is in the top 5\% of the most prestigious educational institutions on the planet. It is renowned for the following programs: «Engineering and Technology», «Natural Science».

What Sports does Istanbul Technical University (ITU) have?

The university’s basketball team, ITUSpor, is in the Turkish Basketball Super League . Considered as the world’s third institution of higher learning specifically dedicated to engineering education, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has a long and distinguished history which began in 1773.

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What is the reputation of ITU Turkey?

It is the world’s third-oldest technical university dedicated to engineering sciences as well as social sciences recently, and is one of the most prominent educational institutions in Turkey. ITU is ranked 173rd worldwide (1st nationwide) in the field of Engineering & Technology and 307th worldwide (1st nationwide)…

How good is ITU computer engineering department in Turkey?

Turkey’s first and third in numerical score preferred ITU Computer Engineering Department. 5 students from the top 100, 48 from the top 1000, 139 from the top 2000 and 231 from the top 3000 became ITU students.