Is sterling plated the same as sterling silver?

Is sterling plated the same as sterling silver?

American sterling silver is always marked Sterling or 925, and is 92.5\% pure silver. Silver plate is just that – a thin layer of silver plated over another metal such as copper, brass or nickel. Often silver plated items will be marked with an EP, EPNS or Silver on Copper or have no mark at all.

Is silver plated good quality?

Overall, silver plated jewelry is of fairly good quality for the price that you’ll pay for it, but if you’re looking for something that’ll last you years – you should opt for an actual silver piece instead.

How can you tell the difference between silver and silver plated?

If you do not see the sterling marking, the item is probably silver plated. Check the colouring of the item carefully; genuine silver is generally less shiny and colder in tone than silverplate. If you see places where the silver appears to be flaking off or turning green, the item is silver plated.

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Does silver-plated Go Green?

It’s common for silver to have a reaction on skin when it’s used as plating for less expensive jewelry. Acids cause the silver to oxidize, turning the jewelry dark, and producing tarnish. It’s the tarnish that can change the color of your skin.

Is sterling silver always marked with “sterling” or “925”?

Silver jewelry is always marked appropriately. The FAS mark appears on sterling silver jewelry that is also labeled as 925. FAS stands for fused alloy silver, meaning that a piece of sterling silver jewelry is infused with an alloy.

Does sterling silver always have a 925?

“The words “silver” and “sterling silver” describe a product that contains 92.5\% pure silver. Silver products sometimes may be marked 925 , which means that 925 parts per thousand are pure silver. Some jewelry described as “silver plate” has a layer of silver applied to a base metal. “Coin silver” is used for compounds that contain 90\% pure silver.

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Is sterling silver the same as 925 silver?

Sterling silver and 925 silver are actually the same. Both refer to a compound with 92.5 percent silver content, where the additional 7.5 percent is made up of other metals, most commonly copper.

What is better, silver or sterling silver?

Silver is considered to be higher-quality than sterling silver. Silver is comprised nearly completely of silver, while sterling silver is an alloy that is comprised of silver and other metals.