Is The Mandalorian better than Star Wars?

Is The Mandalorian better than Star Wars?

Though the two are certainly quite different, The Mandalorian is definitively better than Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy in a few key ways. The Mandalorian has quickly established itself as the standard-bearer for the Star Wars franchise, largely because of all the ways it succeeds where the sequel trilogy failed.

Is The Mandalorian more popular than Star Wars?

Even if you’re a big Star Wars fan, you might not realize just how popular The Mandalorian really is. Quintanilla shared a graphic of a Parrot Analytics graph that indicates The Mandalorian is 109 times more popular than the average U.S. television series 60 days post-premiere.

Is The Mandalorian the best show?

The Mandalorian closed out its second season on Disney+ by ascending to the top of Nielsen’s streaming rankings. The Mandalorian’s eighth consecutive week in the top 10 also extends the show’s record for longest run in the rankings. The Mandalorian edged The Office (1.31 billion minutes of viewing) for the No.

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Are mandalorian better than Jedi?

As was proven by Jango Fett, Mandalorians are better trained and experienced at simple hand to hand combat than a Jedi, who without his lightsaber fully effective, would be forced to rely mostly on this.

Who is the last Jedi in The Mandalorian?

Luke Skywalker
Luke’s appearance in The Mandalorian is a combination of two performances: one from original Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill, the other from body double Max Lloyd Jones, who apparently did all of Luke’s impressive lightsaber moves. (British actor Jones previously played Blue Eyes in War for the Planet of the Apes.)

Is The Mandalorian a success?

The Mandalorian was the first ever live-action Star Wars TV series, and it was the most popular streaming show in the US in December 2019, beating even Netflix’s The Witcher. The second season is just as big, with analytics suggesting The Mandalorian is five times as popular as any other Disney+ original series.

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Why is mandalorian so good?

The Mandalorian is shaping up to be the most praised, highly acclaimed Star Wars that Disney has produced so far. It can create characters with substance and originality, worlds with depth and impact, and can make those things last.

Is mandalorian bad or good?

Overall, most people believe the show is good, and many are even calling it one of the greatest things to happen to Star Wars since the Original Trilogy; however, that’s mind-boggling to some Star Wars fans.

Is mandalorian a good guy?

Pascal believes the Mandalorian is more morally ambiguous than other Star Wars protagonists, describing him as a “dark hero”.

Can Mandalorian beat Sith?

It’s probably not fair to put Mando in the mix with one of the greatest Sith Lords in the history of the galaxy but the former has proven he won’t back down from a fight. Despite carrying gear designed to take down Force users, Mando has no counter to the Emperor’s raw power or skill.

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Who defeated the Mandalorians?

Revan personally defeated Mandalore in single combat as the Republic and Mandalorian fleets battled above Malachor V, and the activation of the superweapon known as the Mass Shadow Generator devastated both the planet and the participating fleets.