What are good improv games?

What are good improv games?

Here are some great improv games to work on collaboration skills.

  • Word at a Time Story. Students sit in a circle.
  • Family Portrait. Divide the class into groups.
  • Foreign Film Dub. A scene for a group of four.
  • Same Circle. Everyone stands in a circle.
  • Group Environment.
  • Actor Switch.
  • Story Death.
  • Hitchhiker.

What is an improv game?

Improv games are essentially games that are designed to improve on an individual’s improv acting skills in the theater. These games also make great icebreakers and are just plain fun for anybody to play.

What’s in the box improv game?

One participant holds a mimed box in their hands. Their partner asks “What’s in the box?”. The person with the box says it’s a gift and hands it their partner. The partner opens the box and defines the contents.

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How do you play improv game zoom?

At the start of each round, two players volunteer. One will be the main, and the other the mimic. The main character will act out a scene, and the mimic must follow their lead. To make the game more entertaining, the main character can use props and force the mimic to improvise with whatever objects are within reach.

What are some improv topics?

Suggested Improv Settings

  • A: Art Gallery. Ambulance. Adoption Clinic.
  • B: Barbershop. Balcony. Boat.
  • C: Castle. Cat Lady’s House. Chessboard.
  • D: Dance Studio. Dragon’s Lair. Desert.
  • E: Egypt. Elephant Sanctuary. Elf’s Forest.
  • F: Ferris Wheel. Fire Station. Fishing Pond.
  • G: Grocery Store. Golf Course. Ghost Town.
  • H: Hardware Store. Helicopter.

How do you play mind meld?

Description. The goal is for two people to say things together until they reach the same word. It begins by one person saying “one,” the second person saying “two,” and then both people counting to three together. They then say anything at all – a person, place, idea, concept, phrase: anything.

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How do I use Zip Zap Zop?

Directions: With everyone standing in a circle, the first improviser begins the pattern of “Zip, Zap, Zop” by clapping their hands at someone and saying “Zip.” The person that they indicated will then clap at someone and say “Zap.” Then the third person will do the same but say “Zop.” After this, the next person starts …

What Theatre games can you play on Zoom?


  • NUMBER COUNT. CATEGORY: Cool-Down, Focus.
  • ONE WORD STORY. CATEGORY: Warm-up, Teamwork.
  • MACHINE. CATEGORY: Focus, Teamwork.
  • EXCUSES. CATEGORY: Improv, Warm Up.
  • FOLLOW THE LEADER. CATEGORY: Warm Up, Team Building.