What countries do the houses in Game of Thrones represent?

What countries do the houses in Game of Thrones represent?

Dorne/Martell – Spain. Spicy food, daring contests like running of the bulls.

  • The North/Starks – Russia. The largest land mass for a single territory.
  • The Iron Islands – Vikings/Scandinavia.
  • Tyrell – Italy or France.
  • Lannister – The USA.
  • Bravo’s – Switzerland.
  • Lys – Amsterdam/Demark.
  • Baratheon – Australia.
  • What countries do the 7 kingdoms represent?

    The North: Scotland.

  • The Riverlands: Netherlands/Belgium.
  • The Westerlands: England.
  • The Iron Islands: Norway/Iceland.
  • The Vale: Austria/Switzerland.
  • The Reach: France.
  • Dorne: Spain.
  • The Stormlands: Not a lot is known about the Stormlands.
  • What countries does Westeros represent?

    Back in 2014, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin revealed that the fictional continent of Westeros is in fact based on an inverted map of Britain and Ireland, with Co. Kerry playing a starring role in the new world in an exact (albeit upside down) reproduction.

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    Is House Stark Scotland?

    House Stark: Scotland House Stark, like Scotland, is in the shadowy North and they are one of the oldest families in Westeros ruling over a vast wintery region.

    What cultures is Game of Thrones based on?

    When creating his highly detailed fantasy world, George R. R. Martin based much of Game of Thrones on medieval European history. In particular, Martin drew heavily from the War of the Roses; here are seven more possible historical connections.

    What are the 9 Kingdoms in Game of Thrones?

    Thus the Seven (or nine) Kingdoms of Game of Thrones were made up as follows:

    • The North – House Stark.
    • The Vale – House Arryn.
    • The Iron Islands – House Greyjoy.
    • The Riverlands – House Tully.
    • The Westerlands – House Lannister.
    • The Stormlands – House Baratheon.
    • The Reach – House Tyrell.
    • The Crownlands – House Targaryen.

    Is Braavos Italian?

    Physically, due to its many canals and romance culture vaguely similar to medieval Italian city-states, Braavos in the novels is vaguely similar to real-life Venice.

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    Are the Starks real?

    The Starks From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Were Inspired By A Real-Life Noble Family.

    Who do the Starks represent?

    In the video, she argues that each member of the Stark family represents one of the seven aspects of the faith: Ned the Father, Catelynn the Mother, Robb the Warrior, Sansa the Maiden, Arya the Stranger, Bran the Crone and Rickon the Smith.