What did Suppiluliuma I do?

What did Suppiluliuma I do?

He conquered more territories and carried Egyptian captives back to Hattusa. This proved to be an unfortunate decision on his part, as a plague had been sweeping across Egypt in 1322 BCE and, by bringing the Egyptians back to his capital, Suppiluliuma I brought the plague with them.

What race were Hittites?

Hittite, member of an ancient Indo-European people who appeared in Anatolia at the beginning of the 2nd millennium bce; by 1340 bce they had become one of the dominant powers of the Middle East.

What is famous Hittite king?

Suppiluliumas I
Suppiluliumas I, also spelled Shuppiluliumash, or Subbiluliuma, (flourished 14th century bc), Hittite king (reigned c. 1380–c. 1346 bc), who dominated the history of the ancient Middle East for the greater part of four decades and raised the Hittite kingdom to Imperial power.

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Who were the Hittites in Egypt?

The Hittites occupied the ancient region of Anatolia (also known as Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey) prior to 1700 BCE, developed a culture apparently from the indigenous Hatti (and possibly the Hurrian) people, and expanded their territories into an empire which rivaled, and threatened, the established nation of Egypt.

What religion did the Hittites practice?

Storm gods were prominent in the Hittite pantheon—the set of all the gods in a polytheistic religion.

Who was the leader of hattusa?

Hattusilis I, also called Labarnas Ii, (reigned c. 1650–c. 1620 bc), early king of the Hittite Old Kingdom in Anatolia.

Who were the kings of Hittites?

New Kingdom (Empire)

Ruler Reigned
Suppiluliuma I ca. 1344–1322 BC (short)
Arnuwanda II ca. 1322–1321 BC (short)
Mursili II ca. 1321–1295 BC (short)
Muwatalli II ca. 1295–1272 BC (short)

Who are descendants of Hittites?

Hence, the modern Turks descend from the Hittites—as well as from Central Asians, Greeks, Gauls, Luwians, Carians, Armenians, Georgians, Assyrians, Crusders…