What does spin on it mean?

What does spin on it mean?

New Word Suggestion. To twist a report or story to one’s advantage; to interpret and event to make it seem favorable or beneficial to oneself or one’s cause.

What does it mean to put a positive spin on?

to twist a report or story to one’s advantage; to interpret an event to make it seem favorable or beneficial to oneself or one’s cause. The mayor tried to put a positive spin on the damaging polls.

What does keep spinning mean?

To have a number of different activities in progress; to deal with or oversee a several different things at once. Rather than focusing on a single project, Tara prefers to keep a number of plates spinning at once.

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What is the correct meaning of spin?

1 : to turn or cause to turn round and round rapidly : twirl He fell after spinning in circles. 2 : to make yarn or thread from (fibers) He spun the silk into thread. 3 : to make (yarn or thread) from fibers She was spinning yarn from wool.

What does quick spin mean?

1 rapid continuous gunfire, esp. at a moving target.

What does in a flat spin mean?

or in a flat spin. phrase [verb-link PHRASE] If you say that someone is in a spin or in a flat spin, you mean that they are confused and unable to act sensibly because of something that has happened. [British, informal]

What is it called when you put your own spin on something?

To make a statement that is in error, inadvertently. misstate. distort. misrepresent. twist.

What does it mean to put a twist on something?

1 to cause (one end or part) to turn or (of one end or part) to turn in the opposite direction from another; coil or spin. 2 to distort or be distorted; change in shape.

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What does it mean when someone says their head is spinning?

: to make someone feel confused or dizzy All of that information made her head spin.

What means spinning time?

informal a period of time or an experience; chance or luck; fortune. a bad spin.

What does my head is spinning mean?

Definition of someone’s head is spinning —used to say that someone feels dizzy.

What does do not spin mean?

To spin in this context means to alter the truth and deceive, in order to make unpleasant facts more acceptable, so the title of that show is a promise to give the naked truth.

Is spinning good or bad for You?

Here are some basic facts and points to consider… Rotary vestibular input (spinning) is the most powerful form of sensory input that the brain takes in to process. 15 minutes of vestibular input can have a 6-8 hour impact (good or bad) on the brain and self-regulation.

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How can I help my child learn to spin?

For those children who do not get dizzy, encourage spinning in prone extension (on tummy) to help the brain learn to register the feeling of rotary input, along with following the two items above. Spinning is incredibly powerful and the brain may need a long time to process the input.

Why do rides Spin you intensely?

This is why the fair and carnival have so many rides which spin you intensely and for long periods of time…they don’t know why and what it is doing to the brain…all they know is it provokes an extreme reaction, especially when they switch directions on you when you have been spinning very fast for a long time.

What does the spinning wheel on my status bar mean?

Apple’s documentation indicates that the constant spinning wheel on iOS status bar indicates either a network activity or over-the-air syncing . Some third-party applications you may have installed on your iDevice can also cause the issue.