What is the class in JCL?

What is the class in JCL?

JCL CLASS Parameter is a Keyword Parameter and CLASS Parameter defines an input CLASS in of a schedule JOB. It is used to tell the operating system about the nature of the job which we are submitting.

What function does the class parameter perform?

CLASS parameter is used to achieve good balance in the system. CLASS parameter is used to avoid the contention between the jobs which are using same resource. System operations department can help to determine which job classes are available for use.

What are the positional parameters in JCL?

There are two positional parameters available in JCL language.

  • Accounting information.
  • Programmer name.

What is a class parameter?

A class parameter defines a special constant value available to all objects of a given class. When you create a class definition (or at any point before compilation), you can set the values for its class parameters.

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Why class is used in JCL?

CLASS Parameter in JCL is used to categorize the JOBs that runs in one OS installation. During installation itself all Class parameters are defined and assigned with specific attributes. These attributes decides whether or how to run a JOB.

What is unit parameter in JCL?

UNIT Parameter UNIT Parameter is an optional Keyword parameter which is used to specify the location of the dataset. The Syntax of UNIT Parameter: UNIT=(device_name,[count]) Here, [count] is optional.

What is positional parameter?

A positional parameter is a parameter denoted by one or more digits, other than the single digit 0 . Positional parameters are assigned from the shell’s arguments when it is invoked, and may be reassigned using the set builtin command.

What is Msglevel parameter in JCL?

MSGLEVEL is an optional Keyword parameter so if you do not define this parameter, then the MVS operating system will by define this MSGLEVEL by default. Use MSGLEVEL to inform the JCL about the messages that we need to print and to specify the device in the MSGCLASS parameter.

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What is unit of parameter?

UNIT parameter used to ask the system to place the dataset on a specific device or a group of devices or the same device as another dataset. UNIT is optional parameter.

What is symbolic parameter JCL?

A symbolic parameter is a character string of 1 to 7 alphameric characters preceded by an ampersand (&). The first character after & must be alphabetic. Parameters are referenced by a parameter name of 1 to 7 alphameric characters, where the first one must be alphabetic.

What is dummy parameter in JCL?

The DUMMY parameter specifies that no device is to be allocated to this DD statement and that no disposition processing or I/O is to be done. All other JCL parameters on a DUMMY DD statement have to be syntactically correct. Use the DUMMY parameter if you know you will not need a file in a job step.

How many EXEC statements can a JCL have at maximum?

JCL allows Maximum 255 steps it means, a JCL can have a maximum of 255 ‘EXEC’ statements. Note: Step name in ‘EXEC’ statement is optional but when the step name is omitted, no reference can be made to that step.

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What is a COND parameter in JCL?

0 = Normal – all OK

  • 4 = Warning – minor errors or problems.
  • 8 = Error – significant errors or problems.
  • 12 = Severe error – major errors or problems,the results should not be trusted.
  • 16 = Terminal error – very serious problems,do not use the results.
  • How does JCL’s Parm use?

    PARM parameter is an optional keyword parameter in JCL. PARM parameter is a way to pass a data from JCL to the program but the maximum amount of data which we can send to the program using the PARM Parameter is 100 character. In this example, we are passing Character value of ’12’ and ’34’ from the JCL to the program.