What is the cream in LCO method?

What is the cream in LCO method?

Cream – The “C” in the LCO method stands for cream. Curl butters, styling creams, and cream moisturizers all fall into the “cream” category. In the LOC method, the cream comes last, but in the LCO method, it comes second. Oil – The “O” in the LCO method stands for oil.

Can leave-in treatment be used as a moisturizer?

Leave-in conditioners are light enough to be absorbed by low porosity hair, making it the perfect moisturizer.

Should you put oil or cream in your hair first?

Oil Helps the Hair Hold on to Water Molecules It’s true that oil and water don’t mix. And if you aren’t using oils that penetrate the hair its best to use your cream before your oil or LCO Method. But certain natural oils have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and bind with the hair internal structure or protein.

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Can you use gel with LCO method?

Some will also opt for the LCO method (leave-in conditioner, cream, oil). Finally, the LOCG method includes adding a gel after these products which is intended to help you retain moisture.

What is the C in LCO?

The LCO method, as you may have guessed (if you’re already familiar with the LOC method), stands for liquid or leave-in conditioner, cream, and oil.

Is JBCO good for low porosity hair?

Yes, using JBCO and normal castor oil for low porosity hair comes with multiple challenges. It’s more difficult and takes longer for low-po hair to absorb nutrients and moisture. However, as I showed you above, you have some amazing alternatives that you grab.

Can I use conditioner as leave in?

Leave-in conditioner is applied after shampooing. It can replace the conditioner that you’d normally use in the shower, but you can use both if you want — especially if your hair is particularly dry or damaged.

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Should I use leave in or curl cream?

Leave-in conditioners, as mentioned previously, provide moisture to your hair, but don’t really do anything to support your styling efforts. Curl cream on the other hand, has a holding agent in it that will supplement your leave-in conditioner by helping to hold your desired style.

Is Shea Butter a cream or oil?

Dr. Wong calls it “essentially a solid oil.” Shea butter also contains five essential fatty acids (a major amount coming from stearic and oleic acids), a category which includes phytosterols, vitamins E and D, allantoin (good for healing skin irritations),2 and vitamin A.

Is hair cream necessary?

Just like our body, our hair needs nourishment too, and a lot of it! Oils can provide nourishment but it makes hair look sticky. Hair cream does not only fulfil styling needs but also work to make hair healthy. Specially for dull hair, hair cream application gives a well-groomed look, effortlessly.

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Can you use gel instead of cream for LOC method?

You will need: a leave-in conditioner, styling cream or butter (can also be a custard-like gel) and an oil of your choice. This styling method can be used for twistouts, braidouts, and rod sets to achieve stellar results. Let us show you the process!

How often should you do LCO method?

Aim to do the LCO Method at least every time you wash your hair, which should be about once per week. If you use quality products, you’ll be able to go 4-5 days before you need to do the LCO Method again. Do your LCO Method during the week with a water spray bottle when your hair begins to get dry.