What is the difference between impact factor and quartile?

What is the difference between impact factor and quartile?

What are quartiles? In addition to the Impact Factor or Impact Index, rankings of journals in each subject category are divided into quartiles by both JCR and SJR. These quartiles rank the journals from highest to lowest based on their impact factor or impact index.

What is quartile ranking of journals?

A quartile is the ranking of a journal or paper definite by any database based on the impact factor (IF), citation, and indexing of that particular journal. It can divide into four different quadrants starting with Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

What is a good impact factor ranking?

In most fields, the impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score while 3 is flagged as good and the average score is less than 1. This is a rule of thumb. However, the wild card to pay attention to is that impact factor and comparing journals are most effective in the same discipline.

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What is considered a good impact factor for a journal?

In most fields of study a JIF of 10 or greater is excellent and in many anything over a JIF of 3 is considered good, but it is essential to remember that JCR impact factors for journals vary markedly across disciplines.

What is impact factor quartile?

The Journal Impact Factor quartile is the quotient of a journal’s rank in category (X) and the total number of journals in the category (Y), so that (X / Y) = Percentile Rank Z.

What is Scopus quartile ranking?

A quartile in Scopus is a category of scientific journals that shows their credibility. The quartile reflects the demand for the journal by the scientific community. Accordingly, there are the least and most cited journals.

How does Scopus determine journal ranking?

To view the ranking of a specific journal:

  1. Go to Scopus Sources.
  2. Select Title from the menu at the top left (below the Sources heading).
  3. Enter the journal title.
  4. In the results list, click on the journal title’s link – this will lead to a wide range of data about that journal.
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Which journal has the highest Impact Factor?

Journals with High Impact Factor

  • CA- A Cancer Journal for Clinicians | 435,4.
  • Natural Review Materials | 123,7.
  • Quarterly Journal of Economics | 22,7.
  • Nature Reviews Genetics | 73,5.
  • Cell | 58,7.
  • Journal of Political Economy | 12,1.
  • New England Journal of Medicine | 66,1.
  • Econometrica | 8,1.

How do you know the ranking of a journal?