What is the difference between LOC and Lac?

What is the difference between LOC and Lac?

While LAC stands for Line of Actual Control, LOC stands for Line of Control. For instance, the border separating parts of India and Pakistan-controlled Jammu Kashmir is called the LOC, while LAC is a border like Aksai Chin which is not clearly demarcated between India and China.

How is LAC formed?

Cultivation begins when a farmer gets a stick that contains eggs ready to hatch and ties it to the tree to be infested. Thousands of lac insects colonize the branches of the host trees and secrete the resinous pigment. The coated branches of the host trees are cut and harvested as sticklac.

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Is LAC part of India?

The LAC is generally divided into three sectors: the western sector between Ladakh on the Indian side and the Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions on the Chinese side. This sector was the location of the 2020 China–India skirmishes.

Is LAC and McMahon line same?

In a letter dated 7 November 1959, Zhou told Nehru that the LAC consisted of “the so-called McMahon Line in the east and the line up to which each side exercises actual control in the west”. The term “LAC” gained legal recognition in Sino-Indian agreements signed in 1993 and 1996.

What is the difference between the terms Loc and Lac?

LAC is the line which separates Indian-controlled territory and Chinese-controlled territory. LOC is the line which separates Kashmir from Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan. Originally Answered: What is the difference between a “line of control” (LOC) and a “line of actual control” (LAC)?

Why is the reference to the Lac unqualified to make clear?

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The reference to the LAC was unqualified to make it clear that it was not referring to the LAC of 1959 or 1962 but to the LAC at the time when the agreement was signed.

What is the line of Actual Control (LAC)?

What is the Line of Actual Control? The LAC is the demarcation that separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory. India considers the LAC to be 3,488 km long, while the Chinese consider it to be only around 2,000 km.

What is the history of the Lac?

Shivshankar Menon has explained in his book Choices: Inside the Making of India’s Foreign Policy that the LAC was “described only in general terms on maps not to scale” by the Chinese. After the 1962 War, the Chinese claimed they had withdrawn to 20 km behind the LAC of November 1959.