What is the LCM of 2 2 and 3?

What is the LCM of 2 2 and 3?

The LCM of 2 and 3 is 6. To find the LCM (least common multiple) of 2 and 3, we need to find the multiples of 2 and 3 (multiples of 2 = 2, 4, 6, 8; multiples of 3 = 3, 6, 9, 12) and choose the smallest multiple that is exactly divisible by 2 and 3, i.e., 6.

What are the HCF of 2?

HCF of two numbers is the highest common number, which is available in both the numbers. Sometimes, it is also called the greatest common factor (GCF) or greatest common divisor (GCD). For example, the HCF of 2 and 4 is 2, because 2 is the number which is common to both 2 and 4.

What is the LCM of 2 and pie?

Answer: lcm of 2 and pi does not exist. Step-by-step explanation: 2 is an rational no but pi is a irrational no there least common multiple does not exist .

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What is the LCM of 2 and 11?

Answer: LCM of 2 and 11 is 22.

How to find LCM of 2 numbers?

The product of HCF of two numbers and the LCM of two numbers is equal to the product of two numbers. Therefore, the formula to find LCM of two numbers is, LCM of two numbers = product of two numbers ÷ HCF of two numbers.

What are the Five multiples of 2?

Multiples that are common to two or more numbers are said to be common multiples. E.g. Multiples of 2 are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18,

How do you calculate LCM?

Let’s find the LCM of 30 and 45. One way to find the least common multiple of two numbers is to first list the prime factors of each number. Then multiply each factor the greatest number of times it occurs in either number. If the same factor occurs more than once in both numbers, you multiply the factor the greatest number of times it occurs.

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What is the least common multiple of 2 and 12?

The lcm of 12 and 2 is the smallest positive integer that divides the numbers 12 and 2 without a remainder. Spelled out, it is the least common multiple of 12 and 2.