What is the meaning of honorary lieutenant?

What is the meaning of honorary lieutenant?

1. Honorary Captain and Lieutenant on active list. As per para 177 of Regulations for the Army, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs), who have rendered specially distinguished service, and who are serving, in the Regular Army, may be granted honorary commission as honorary officers in the rank of Captain/Lieutenant.

What is an honorary rank?

honorary rank. That which merely gives a title and precedence, without any command being attached to that rank.

What is the difference between a JCO and an honorary captain?

Whereas an Honorary Captain is one who has come up through the ranks from non commissioned rank and Junior Commissioned rank and when the end of his tenure is approaching, his credentials are scrutinised for merit and dedication. Such JCO’s are made Hon Capt.

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Who are the honorary officers of an organization?

Honorary Officers. Honorary officers generally include a Chairperson, Secretary and a Treasurer. Some organisations have additional honorary officers. These may include Vice-Chair, Vice Secretary, Press Officer and so forth. The organisation’s constitution should indicate how honorary officers are to be elected or selected.

What is the rank of a lieutenant in the Indian Army?

An Indian Army Lieutenant is promoted to the rank of a Captain after completing a certain specified period of service. In the case of AMC officers, promotion is given to the Medical officers after completing internship as a Lieutenant.

What are the regulations for Army Reserve officer promotion?

U.S. Army Reserve promotions are covered under AR 135 – 155. This regulation supports the objectives of the Active Component’s officer promotion system, which include filling authorized billets with the best q ualified officers. It also provides for career progression .