What majors go well with philosophy?

What majors go well with philosophy?

Anything really, but particularly good complements are probably fields with a foundation in philosophy such as mathematics, economics, political science and languages. Law perhaps goes best. Political science also goes well. Journalism goes well.

What careers can you get from studying philosophy?

Philosophy majors successfully work in, but are not limited to the following occupational fields:

  • lawyer.
  • banker.
  • business professional.
  • counselor.
  • minister.
  • teacher.
  • non-profit work.
  • public relations director.

What should I double major with philosophy?

Majors in Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, English, Modern Languages, Criminal Justice, and the natural sciences can usefully combine their studies with a double major in philosophy.

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Can you double major at Kutztown?

See Policy ACA-073 Second Degree – Undergraduate Students. Students at Kutztown University may apply to pursue more than one undergraduate major/degree concurrently with the first. Two diplomas will be awarded to students completing dual degrees. A single diploma will be awarded to students completing dual majors.

How much do philosophy majors make?

While the starting salary is near the middle of all majors, the average mid-career salary of philosophy majors quickly rises to $81,200.00, outperforming Finance, International Relations, Marketing, Business Management, Communications, Nursing, Biology, Health Care Administration, and many others.

Is philosophy a rigorous major?

Readings for philosophy courses are generally not long, but they are difficult and challenging. You cannot expect to go through an assigned reading once and have an adequate grasp of it. Some students seem to thrive on the painstaking study required, while others simply don’t have the patience for it.

What can you do with a PHD in metaphysics?

Professional Opportunities

  • Spiritual Counselor /Metaphysical Life Coach.
  • Spiritual Healer.
  • Professional Spiritual Presenter / Speaker.
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How do I double major in philosophy?

The simultaneous decision to double major means that your attention gets divided between two disciplines, unt You should ask the faculty at the philosophy department at your university. You can make your decision based upon life experience at work and school, or learned interests for your later work.

What can I do with a degree in philosophy?

Others go to professional schools that prepare them for careers in the private or public sector. Many students find that undergraduate work in philosophy is an especially good preparation for law school (one study showed that the mean LSAT score for philosophy majors was higher than it was for both pre-law and political science majors).

How many courses do I need to take for a philosophy major?

A major in philosophy requires a total of 15 courses. Majors may choose to structure their electives according to the Optional Areas of Emphasis described here. PART II: Core Requirements

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Why major in philosophy at UC San Diego?

This page explains the requirements for the B.A. in Philosophy at UC San Diego. There are many reasons to consider a major in philosophy. Some students with a primary major in philosophy pursue graduate studies and ultimately go on to an academic career as professors.