What should I pack for Gangtok trip?

What should I pack for Gangtok trip?

What to Pack

  • Carry warm jackets, gloves and thermals, especially if you plan on going up to Nathula or Tsomgo.
  • Walking shoes are a must since the best way to see the city is by walking.

What should I wear in Gangtok?

A pullover and jacket will suffice. Woollen cap might be needed. You won’t need heavy woollens for Gangtok, but you will need a good jacket and/or pullover for Zuluk and North Sikkim. From Gangtok if you go upto Changu lake and Nathula it will be quite cold up there.

What clothes to wear in Gangtok in March?

Early March can be amazingly cold. So substantial woolens like warm full body thermal wear, coats with overwhelming woolen linings or hide, suppressor, woolen gloves, cap, woolen socks, shoes are must. Normal high/low changes between 15°C to 6°C.

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Can we visit Lachung in January?

Even though the temperature in January ranges from 10 degree Celsius to -2 degree Celsius, Lachung finds a huge influx of tourists during this time owing to the magnificence of the landscape draped in snow. January is the coldest month here and the place receives heavy snowfall during this time.

What clothes to wear in Gangtok in April?

u can wear normal clothes. During April, it is very pleasant weather here in Gangtok so u can wear clothes at your comfort. The temperature may be around 20-25 in Day time and 10-15 in night but u can wear shorts because it’s not that much cold.

Is there snowfall in Gangtok now?

Snowfall in Gangtok is rare. However, places like Tsomgo Lake, Kupup Lake, Lachung, Lachen, Yumthang and Zero Point witness heavy snowfall during winters. Therefore, winter is the best time to go to Sikkim if someone wants to see snow. However, the cold is harsh during the winter season, so pack right.

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Is there snow in Lachung in March?

Lachung is still covered in snow during the month of March and feels like paradise to snow-loving globetrotters. Pack your bags with sweaters and boots and head to one of Sikkim’s best highlights to have the best cool summer experience.

Can we see snow in Gangtok in March?

Snow falls can be experienced generally from Late Dec to early March (but not always) in these tourist destinations.

Do we need permit for Nathula Pass?

Permits for Nathula Indians require a valid Protected Area Permit (PAP) to visit Nathula. You need to get the permit done through a tour operator authorized by Sikkim government (there are plenty of them in Gangtok). And you can visit Nathula only by a vehicle provided by such a tour operator.