When did WCW withdraw from the NWA?

When did WCW withdraw from the NWA?

September 15, 1993
The NWA withdraws recognition on September 15, 1993, when WCW leaves the NWA. WCW continues to recognize Flair as the “WCW International World Champion”.

When did TNA leave NWA?

It withdrew from the NWA in 2004 and became known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), but it continued to use the NWA World Heavyweight and the NWA World Tag Team championships as part of an agreement.

Does the NWA still exist?

Prior to the 1960s it acted as the sole governing body for most of professional wrestling. In August 2012, the NWA discontinued its memberships and started licensing its brand to wrestling promotions. By 2019, the NWA would transition to become a singular promotion.

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What year did NWA become WCW?

In 1988, Ted Turner bought Jim Crockett Promotions and established World Championship Wrestling. The titles remained under the NWA banner until January 1991, when WCW officially withdrew from the NWA and became its own entity.

What territory was WWF?

In 1993, the territories were reorganized following the withdrawal of World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling….1948–1993.

Headquarters Dallas
Promotion World Class Championship Wrestling
Promoter(s) Jack Adkisson (Fritz Von Erich)
Years with NWA 1966–1986
Territory (-ies) Texas

When was the last time WCW sold to NWA?

The sale was completed in November 2, 1988, with a television taping of NWA World Championship Wrestling that very same date in WCW’s hometown of Atlanta. 1989 proved to be a turnaround year for WCW, with Ric Flair on top for most of the year as both World Champion and head booker.

What was the first WCW promotion in the US?

Although World Championship Wrestling was a brand name used by promoter Jim Barnett for his Australian promotion, the first promotion in the United States to use the World Championship Wrestling brand name (though it was never referred to as “WCW”) on a wide scale was Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW).

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When did Championship Wrestling from Hollywood leave the NWA?

The series premiere was on September 17, 2010. On September 9, 2012, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood announced it had left the NWA. In 2018 NWA matches resumed featuring NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and current NWA National Champion James Storm.

When was the NWA formed?

With many territorial promotions appearing across the United States, the NWA was formed in 1948 as a professional wrestling governing body. The NWA World Heavyweight Championship was created that same year. Like franchises, these territories had the option of NWA membership.