Can a discrete variable take on any value?

Can a discrete variable take on any value?

, the set of natural numbers. In other words; a discrete variable over a particular range of real values is one for which, for any value in the range that the variable is permitted to take on, there is a positive minimum distance to the nearest other permissible value.

Can discrete variables be counted?

Discrete variables are countable in a finite amount of time. For example, you can count the change in your pocket. You can count the money in your bank account. You could also count the amount of money in everyone’s bank accounts.

Can a discrete random variable be categorical?

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Discrete random variables have numeric values that can be listed and often can be counted. Blood type is not a discrete random variable because it is categorical. Continuous random variables have numeric values that can be any number in an interval.

Can discrete series be made for decimal values?

Discrete data CANNOT have decimals.

Can discrete variables be negative?

Your intuition is correct — a discrete variable can take on negative values. The example is just an example: a person can’t have −2 children, but the difference in scores between Home and Away sports teams can be −2 when the Home team is behind by two points.

Is age discrete or continuous?

Technically speaking, age is a continuous variable because it can take on any value with any number of decimal places. What is this? If you know someone’s birth date, you can calculate their exact age including years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds, etc. so it’s possible to say that someone is 6.225549 years old.

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Is IQ discrete or continuous?

IQ test scores don’t increment in decimals, but in whole numbers (e.g., 138, 140, 150 etc.). In other words, IQ tests only provide discrete scores [not continuous] (No body can get an IQ score of 115.568…).

Is GPA discrete or continuous?

For example, the variable ” the number of children” is discrete and the variable ” GPA” is continuous. Since GPA can take an infinite number of possible values, for example interval 0.0 to 4.0.

Is discrete the same as categorical?

Categorical variables contain a finite number of categories or distinct groups. Categorical data might not have a logical order. Discrete variables are numeric variables that have a countable number of values between any two values.

Is marital status discrete or continuous?

Continuous a. Discrete data has distinct set of values, which are countable and belonging to whole numbers set e.g. The marital status of a person is a nominal qualitative variable to which a numerical value can not be assigned.

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Can discrete variables take fractional values?

a discrete variable can take any value , integer, fraction, mixed number , rational decimal , or rational. It’s just that a discrete variable cannot have a range of allowable values that are part of a continuous range for that variable.

Can discrete random variables be negative?

All Answers (7) Yes, they can be negative Consider the following game. A fair 4-sided die, with the numbers 1; 2; 3; 4 is rolled twice. If we let X denote the (possibly negative) winnings of the player, what is the probability mass function of X? (X can take any of the values -3;-2;-1; 0; 1; 2; 3.)