Can I submit my paper to multiple journals at the same time?

Can I submit my paper to multiple journals at the same time?

Answer: No, you cannot submit the same paper to more than one journal at the same time. This is known as simultaneous or concurrent submission and is considered as an unethical practice.

Can the same paper be published twice?

If an author publishes the same article twice, he or she is guilty not only of the misconduct of duplicate publication, but also of plagiarism; this time, the author has plagiarized himself or herself. Thus, it is also a case of self-plagiarism.

What are the consequences of duplicate submissions of a manuscript to different journals?

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Duplicate submission is a common form of academic misconduct. Each published article in a journal is expected to be completely original. Submitting the same or a very similar manuscript to two or more journals is unethical and can lead to rejection or even retraction.

Can I publish the same article in two websites?

In fact, since sites like unique content tailored to their audience, many sites prefer submitting a pitch rather than submitting a post in its entirety. Absolutely nothing is wrong with submitting the same pitch to multiple sites.

Why is duplicate submission unethical?

Duplicate publication is unethical because: Researchers who study the subject may count the same set of results twice, and thus distort the empirical evidence. Republication of your own work without attribution surmounts to “self-plagiarism”. It leads to the wastage of editorial and review resources.

Why is duplicate submission bad?

Duplicate publication often results in the violation of copyright. Most journals require authors to sign a transfer of copyright as part of manuscript submission. Once authors sign a transfer of copyright and the manuscript is accepted for publication, the work is no longer the authors’ property.

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Is it better to publish in different journals?

Publishing in Different Journals (Diverse) May be seen as a fair and just author without using connections. May gain more manuscript writing and submission experience. Research may be seen as having more credibility or trust from more editors.

Can a research article be republished in an indexed journal?

No, as per the publication ethics, Indexed journals will not publish it.

Can you submit the same research paper to multiple journals?

Occasionally, authors may disregard this requirement, submitting the same paper to multiple journals or submitting multiple papers based on the same research. As with plagiarism, duplicate submission may take several forms: literal duplication, partial but substantial duplication, or even duplication by paraphrasing.

Can I submit a pre-submission inquiry to more than one journal?

You have to wait till the editorial decision making process is over at one journal. If your paper is rejected, you can submit it to another journal. However, if you want to save time, you can send pre-submission inquiries to several journals at the same time.

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Should I follow up after submitting a paper to a journal?

If you send a paper to a journal that charges for publication, there is no excuse not to follow up on those charges. Yo have essentially agreed to paying by submitting. Your own time crunches is solely your problem. If you cannot answer E-mails or other correspondence in time, the world will not stop and wait for you.

Should I Send my Paper to more than one journal at once?

You should never send papers to more than one journal at a time. If the first choice rejects your paper, it is ok to pass it onto another. If you send a paper to a journal that charges for publication, there is no excuse not to follow up on those charges.