Can Surtur destroy Earth?

Can Surtur destroy Earth?

Surtur was able to bring about Ragnarök by plunging the blade into the ground, shattering Asgard and everything on it, killing Hela in one fell swoop. When combined with the Eternal Flame, Surtur attains his full, realm-destroying power.

Can Surtur destroy Infinity Stones?

Definitely not. The Infinity Stones are immensely powerful and Surtur is not strong enough to destroy one. It literally took the Infinity Stones to destroy themselves.

Is Surtur more powerful than Odin?

Hela fought Surtur in his original form, which once Odin faced. Surtur in his original form is million times more powerful than all Asgardian Gods.

Is Surtur an Asgardian?

Surtur was in Asgard to reclaim the Eternal Flame that Odin and his brothers stole at the beginning of time.

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Why is Surtur so strong?

Surtur was a fire giant and ruler of Muspelheim, one of the Nine Realms. The source of his power was the Eternal Flame, which was kept in Odin’s Vault as the Allfather defeated him a long time ago and banished his entire race to Muspelheim.

What is Surtur’s power?

Surtur’s power is described as the fires of Creation. Surtur has enough power to burn Yggdrasil and all realities. Yggdrasil contains a maybe-infinite amount universes that are complex and fully-formed. And all realities have their own Yggdrasil.

Is Surtur the most powerful fire demon?

Fire Demon Physiology: Surtur was one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, capable, even in his weakened state, of nearly overpowering Thor. After being resurrected by the Eternal Flame, Surtur’s powers were immeasurably increased as he was finally able to bring Ragnarök to Asgard, destroying the incredibly powerful Hela in the process.

How powerful is Surtur compared to Galactus?

But Surtur is comparable to an ant in front of Galactus. Galactus eats entire planets for breakfast. A cosmic entity that can devour planets larger than the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter, is no joke. So one more point to Galactus. Surtur has a secret weapon though – his Twilight Sword.

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What did Surtur do to Thor?

Surtur furiously attempts to destroy Thor Despite his prisoner’s escape, Surtur merely laughed, claiming that Thor had made a grave mistake as he sent his Fire Demons to destroy the God of Thunder. Thor was unintimidated, however, as he used his Asgardian might to easily fight back against Surtur’s forces.