Do you take apart your Lego sets?

Do you take apart your Lego sets?

Really, you don’t even need to have taken apart your entire collection. Just a handful of sets is enough to make you wish you’d never put them together in the first place. Or, as I found out recently, just a single set.

How do you keep Legos from getting everywhere?

Use clear shallow containers with lids (to allow for stacking) or shallow plastic drawers to store Lego pieces. These shallow containers keep the tiny Lego pieces more visible, not buried. Once the Legos are organized, you’re ready to build something fabulous together.

How do you store Legos?

Ways to Organize LEGO bricks

  1. Hanging LEGO Storage Bag. This upcycled shoe storage bag is clear which makes it the perfect way to sort and see.
  2. LEGO Pick Up & Play Mat.
  3. Our LEGO Closet.
  4. Cheap and Easy LEGO Storage Organizer.
  5. Open Displayed Hanging Bins.
  6. Build a LEGO Wall.
  7. Hanging LEGO Brick Building Buckets.
  8. LEGO Sorting Labels.
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How do you store Legos once they are built?

Storage drawers are a popular choice for storing LEGO. Depending on the size of your drawers and the size of the collection, you can use storage drawers to store LEGO bricks by colour or by set. If by colour, have a drawer per colour and if by set, having enough drawers to store each set individually.

Why do LEGO have spare pieces?

That way, if the extra one is missing, nobody minds too much. At the same time, Lego knows that a couple of extra bits will make customers happy, especially as the small pieces are prone to getting lost. So, you’re right to consider the extra pieces as a little bonus.

What do you do with LEGO sets that you don’t want?

If you’re deciding what to do with LEGO® bricks when you don’t want to play with them anymore, we recommend passing them on to someone else or donating them to a local charity shop. Bricks that don’t meet our high standards after being molded aren’t just thrown away. We can sometimes grind them down to make new pieces.

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Where do you store finished LEGOs?

How do you store boxed LEGO sets?

Just keep them away from children, and store them on the shelf. the boxes are very easy to dust off, and they will not be harmed form the dust. Also, do not put anything heavy on top of the LEGO boxes!

Is Lego safe for 2 year olds?

Legos teach many skills that young children need to master, such as spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. Plus, all Lego toys are made with ABS plastic, which is a non-toxic, stable plastic, safe for children. Lego Duplo sets are specifically designed for babies and toddlers.