How can I become a cadet pilot in IndiGo Airlines?

How can I become a cadet pilot in IndiGo Airlines?

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the IndiGo Programme:

  1. Must be between 18 and 32 years of age.
  2. Have a valid passport and the unrestricted right to live and work in India, with the ability to travel unrestricted worldwide.
  3. Fluent in English (verbal and written)

How can I become a pilot in Jet Airways?

Must be of Indian nationality, or hold an Overseas Citizenship of India. Must be 20 years or older at the time of registering for the programme. Maximum age: 30 years at time of appearing for Selection in Phase 1. Achieved a minimum score of 55\% in Physics, Mathematics and English in (10+2) exam individually*

What is wrong with IndiGo?

IndiGo has suffered 13 engine shutdowns related to low-pressure turbines during climbs this year, according to one of the people who was directly involved in an investigation where the DGCA ran a comparative analysis on how both airlines operate. The issue has been costly.

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What is the qualification required to become a pilot in indigo?

Currently Indigo airline has a contract with two aviation academy which giving rise to Indigo cadet pilot program. Aged between 17 and 30 years old and of Indian nationality. Achieved a minimum score of 55\% in Physics, Maths and English in 10+2 exam.

What is the Indigo cadet pilot programme?

The unique IndiGo Cadet Pilot Programme is specifically designed for individuals with no previous flying experience who would like to embark on a career as a pilot. The programme comprises two phases of training. Phase 1 – Commercial Pilot License with ME IR (CPL ME IR) Domestic Pathway. Footprint.

What is the CAE-Indigo International Pathway?

This self-sponsored International Pathway is jointly designed by CAE and IndiGo to enable you to train for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and an Airbus A320 Type Rating with CAE before going on to fly as an A320 First Officer with IndiGo.

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What is the syllabus of the NDA cadet exam?

First of all cadets have to enroll themself into this program. 1● WRITTEN EXAM : The syllabus of exam is 12th physics, maths and English. Generally the paper consists of 50 MCQ’s divided into equal parts and carry one mark each. The passing marks for exam is 70\%.