How do I remove an electric pole from my land?

How do I remove an electric pole from my land?

The only way you could remove the pole is to pay for the electrical line to be buried where it crosses your property. The work would be done by the utility or their contractor.

How tall does a power pole have to be?

16′ tall
Pole is to be a minimum of 16′ tall, with a 5″ minimum diameter at the top, and a 7″ minimum diameter at the butt. 6”x6” square, treated wood poles may also be used. Set pole in the ground a minimum of 4 feet deep.

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What is the price of electric pole?

The cost of an 8 meter RCC pole is 4,500 and for 9 meters the cost is 5,500 rupees. The cost of an 8 meter PCC pole is 3,500 rupees and the cost of a 9 meter PCC pole is 4,500 rupees.

What are the legal actions I can claim for if an Electricity wire goes over my property?

If you want to remove the conductor that goes over your property, Electricity department will have to re-route the transmission line and this work is done under “Deposit Head” where consumers/land or house owners have to deposit the sum which will incur in shifting the existing line.

How close can a power pole be to a mobile home?

Maximum distance from perimeter of home to meter pole is 30′.

What is PCC electric pole?

Poles was the first venture undertaken by the group. These poles are essentially made of concrete which are inevitably less costly and more economically maintainable than the conventional steel poles. They are of two types depending upon the end use of the pole-Low tensile and High Tensile Line.

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What is the height of RCC pole?

RCC Fencing Pole, Height: 5 to 7 feet

Height 5 to 7 feet
Material RCC
Color Gray
Pattern Plain
Thickness 3.6 to 6 inches

Can I have a power pole moved?

The pole can be moved but at a cost which should be properly documented and communicated to you. This is done at a cost because it is you who has requested for the pole to be moved. The utility company spends time, labour and money to buy equipment/materials for this job to be done.