How is the life of an IIM professor Quora?

How is the life of an IIM professor Quora?

Life for a new assistant professor in IIMs is stressful, very stressful. Gone are the days of IIM profs being “Sarkari Naukar” (Typical Indian Government Employee). Life of profs is very different depending on the different IIMs in which they work but broadly they can be categorized in IIM ABC and others.

How can I become a lecturer in IIM?

Professor: Minimum 10 years teaching/research/industrial experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of Associate Professor in IITs, IIMs, IISc Bangalore, NITIE Mumbai and IISERs or at an equivalent level in any such other Indian or foreign institution/institutions of comparable standards.

How do I become a professor at IIMA?

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What is the salary of IIM professor Quora?

IIMs Professors’ salary starts from 1,10,000/- and goes to 1,40,000/- per month. Pay scales vary with experience, place and designations.

Is it too soon to assess the quality of baby IIMs?

While it is too soon to assess the quality of the baby IIMs, which still work out of makeshift campuses and don’t attract the same level of students as the previous IIMs would, it’s a good time to take stock of the new IIMs, a decade after the first began operations.

What are the challenges of new IIMs?

“IIMs can use executive education as a revenue stream, as a lot of corporates are willing to invest in this,” says Rameshan. While finances may become an obstacle, the new IIMs struggle with various other challenges. Attracting quality faculty is a prime hurdle.

How many IIMs are there in India?

By value of prestige, the chain goes: IIM-Ahmedabad or IIM-A; IIM-Bangalore or IIM-B; and IIM-Calcutta or IIM-C. That sequence remains dominant even today, almost six decades after the first IIMs were established in Ahmedabad and Kolkata in 1961, and now when 20 IIMs stand ground. This is part of the problem.

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How much does it cost to run an IIM?

For any IIM, the expenses are of two kinds—capital and operational. “If the IIMs are moving in the line that they were envisioned, a mid-sized IIM would require ₹30 crore to ₹35 crore for annual operational expenses,” says Sharma.