How long did it take daenerys to get to Dragonstone?

How long did it take daenerys to get to Dragonstone?

That’s a 4 day round-trip. The men on the wight hunt did spend the night, but it still would’ve taken Daenerys longer than that to fly there with her dragons. It should have taken 2 days or more, not just overnight for her to fly her dragons there.

Why was Dragonstone empty when Daenerys arrives?

This is because Stannis Baratheon who was the original ruler of Dragonstone had gone to Winterfell to fight the Boltons and claim the North. Unfortunately he lost and was killed by Brienne of Tarth, leaving Dragonstone unoccupied.

How did the raven get to Dragonstone so fast?

Eastwatch and Dragonstone are roughly 1900 miles apart (according to one lore map), rounded up to 2000 because of flight path variation. That means the raven could make the flight in about 40 hours, plus eight for food or rest. So two days.

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How long did it take daenerys to get to King’s Landing?

So, depending on how fast they were traveling, the trip might have taken them anywhere between two weeks and a full month to complete. For reference, in today’s world, the trip to King’s Landing would have taken them 23 full hours of driving without any breaks.

How long was Jon at Dragonstone?

Taking in count that a siege takes at least weeks to resolve, Jon stayed at Dragonstone at least half year.

How did Gendry get to Dragonstone?

Snow sent Gendry on a run back to East Watch, where he hoped to send a raven all the way to Dragonstone, home of Daenerys and her triple threat of reptiles. And Dragonstone is to the north-east of it, so the distance would be roughly similar.

Why was no one living at Dragonstone?

Previously it was ruled by Stannis, but after Robert was killed and the Lannister coup forced the war of the five kings, Stannis left it to try to take his slightly more rightful claim to the throne. No one saw the use of Dragonglass, so Dragonstone was not seen as particularly important.

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Why did no one occupy Dragonstone?

According to Tywin, Varys sent fishermen into the waters around Dragonstone, and they reported that only a token force remained to defend the island. Tywin concludes the only reason Stannis would have abandoned the castle is that he plans to continue fighting elsewhere (which proves correct).

How far did Gendry run back to the wall?

Even Gendry appeared to have run 60 miles in the span of about 10 minutes. People are getting to faraway locations faster than ever before and it’s more than a little jarring.

Will Daenerys burn King’s Landing in the books?

Dany’s big twist ending likely came from him. And even though her actions weren’t very convincing in the show, the books will handle things differently. In fact, they’ve already laid the groundwork that makes Daenerys’s decision to burn King’s Landing believable, understandable — even inevitable.

Why did daenerys destroy King’s Landing?

Daenerys Targaryen’s decision to destroy King’s Landing was a reaction to hearing the bells of surrender ring. The episode’s director says she did it because the relatively bloodless coup was not “enough” for her and she felt “empty” in that moment.

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Why is Dragonstone so important to the north?

Dragonstone would have been especially valuable for a nearby lord to seize since not only is it a strategically important location but with Stannis out of commission there should be full grain stores from the last harvest before winter which would be incredibly valuable. Well because TV series plot and cool walk in scene.

Why is the dgaonstone empty?

Dgaonstone is empty because that is what the writers wanted. We are not explicitly told in the TV show (which is probably why you are asking), so it is up to us to come up with a justification, rather than explain an “actual” reason. Who would remain as a garrison after word arrives that Stannis was killed on the battlefield?

What would happen to Stannis Baratheon’s Castle after he was defeated?

Stannis would have left a token force of loyal bannermen behind to guard it. They were probably still around when Daenerys’ naval force approached. After Stannis’ defeat, they would have hung around as it was a strong castle, easily defended. They would tried to leverage that in negotiations with other factions.