How much do Schlumberger engineers make?

How much do Schlumberger engineers make?

Schlumberger Salary FAQs The average salary for an Engineer is $86,559 per year in United States, which is 9\% lower than the average Schlumberger salary of $95,864 per year for this job.

Why do you want to work with Schlumberger?

Schlumberger is respected in its industry because of its commitment to safety, focus on technology, and the unwavering development of its people to ensure it delivers solutions to the most complex technical challenges. Joining Schlumberger provides the chance to work on projects that will transform how work is done.

Who owns Schlumberger?

on Monday closed on its purchase of a competitor in a $448 million deal that makes the company the third-largest North American hydraulic fracturing business. Denver-based Liberty Oilfield (NYSE: LBRT) acquired the OneStim division of Houston-based oilfield giant Schlumberger Ltd.

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Is Schlumberger a Fortune 500 company?

Schlumberger – SLB – Fortune Global 500 Top Companies.

How much do Schlumberger employees get paid?

Tell us about you and get an estimated calculation of how much you should be earning and insight into your career options. How much does Schlumberger in the United States pay? The average Schlumberger salary ranges from approximately $40,000 per year for Quality Technician to $152,889 per year for Plan Manager.

What is the salary of Schlumberger employees in Kazakhstan?

I work at Schlumberger as Electronic Technician in Kazakhstan as local employee. And My salary per month is 570$. This is all because Schlumberger pays according to the economy of the country where they work. When cost of an apartment is about 50k$, cars are not less than 6k$.

What is the work culture like at Schlumberger?

Schlumberger is moving from people based work culture ( where experience of field engineer matter most ) to process based work culture ( using check lists / remote operations) or using smart software/ AI. Client want to see more technology and less human dependency.

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What is it like to be a field engineer at Schlumberger?

2. Average age of Schlumberger field engineer or team lead at rigs is much leaser t working in hard conditions like desert , tropical forests or ice covered field. Compensate for living away from family or any civil life for that matter. 1.