How to check and correct your JYP online audition application?

How to check and correct your JYP online audition application?

Click on the [verify application] under the quick menu on the left side of the JYP Online Audition page, and you can check and correct your registered application and attachment files after logging in. However, the application cannot be deleted once registered.

How do I become a trainee at JYP?

For Online Auditions: If you audition online and get selected then you will receive 2 automated emails from JYP. After you pass the audition you will have another private audition in South Korea (Yes, you have to go to South Korea for that). And if you pass that audition then you will become a trainee at JYP.

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How do I travel to JYP South Korea for another audition?

Your Visa/Passport will have to be updated (if it’s expired). Once all documents for travel is completed,you’ll enter the JYP South Korea (Gangdong District) branch for another audition/training. Now,your destination will depend on the agency and where you live. If you li

What happens if you pass the online audition in Korea?

If theres a possibility that you pass the online audition you will go to seoul south korea for the live audition if your not living there but if you living in seoul then you dont have a problem. Im not really sure what will happened and i just heard the some of my answers in anyone

How long does it take for JYP to send out an application?

From my experience, JYP sends the first email in a couple of seconds to your email saying they have received your application. They then take a couple of days or weeks. This could range from as short as 2 days or as long as a month. This usually depends on how many people send in an application. For me, I waited two days.

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What does [JYP ENT] 오디션 심사가 완료 되었습니다 mean?

The next email is the email that says “ [JYP ENT] 오디션 심사가 완료 되었습니다.” Which means “Audition Evaluation has been completed”. This means that they have seen The results if you pass usually comes after 4 weeks or more. So this email an automated email practically just means that your application has been submitted.

What does it mean if my online audition was already evaluated?

It means that that already evaluated your online audition. If you passed it, they will contact you, but it can take weeks or months, i don’t remember how long, but i think that usually if they don’t send an e-mail to you in one month it means that you didn’t pass.