Is it shirk to go to dargah?

Is it shirk to go to dargah?

HIndus do not go to mosques, Muslims do not go to temples, but both go to dargahs. The Wahabi type Muslims regard dargahs as places of butparasti, or idol worship, which is forbidden by Islam. They believe that going to a dargah is worshipping the grave of the sufi saint, whereas Islam permits worship of only Allah.

What do you do in a dargah?

Dargahs are often associated with Sufi eating and meeting rooms and hostels, called khanqah or hospices. They usually include a mosque, meeting rooms, Islamic religious schools (madrassas), residences for a teacher or caretaker, hospitals, and other buildings for community purposes.

Can a Hindu enter a dargah?

In conclusion, visiting and praying in a dargah is not something that would go against a Hindu’s beliefs (for most, but there are religions in Hinduism who prohibit it). There are many Hindus who truly find a connection with the saints of a dargah and the divine.

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Do you have to be a Muslim to enter Jannah?

According to Islam, a Muslim, even if condemned to Jahannam, will eventually enter Jannah. As in life there are many trials which one must face. This is also a condition individuals must encounter in order to enter Jannah.

Do Sunni believe in Dargah?

Dargah is mostly a tomb or shrine built over the grave of revered Sufi Saint. Sufi mostly belong to the Sunni group, however their methodology seems to be different.

What should I wear in Dargah?

Visitors coming to the Ajmer dargah should be wearing loose-fitting clothes; preferably cotton, if you are coming during the summers. A headgear is of utmost importance, so make sure that you carry a handkerchief along with you at the very least. Women could carry dupatta.

Is it permissible to pray in Dargah?

So it is obligatory on us to refrain from offering prayers at these places. However, you can visit grave yard or Dargah and pray for the departed soul.

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What is Dargah called in English?

/daragāha/ nf. shrine countable noun. A shrine is a holy place associated with a sacred person or object.