Is Jackie Bradley Jr still a red sock?

Is Jackie Bradley Jr still a red sock?

Jackie Bradley Jr., who spent eight years with the Red Sox from 2013-2020, is back with the team following a one-season hiatus. The Red Sox on Wednesday acquired the outfielder Bradley, plus infielders David Hamilton and Alex Binelas, from the Brewers in exchange for outfielder Hunter Renfroe.

Where is Jackie Bradley Jr going?

Boston Red Sox#41 / Center fielder
Jackie Bradley Jr./Current teams
Get ready to welcome Jackie Bradley Jr. back to Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox announced Wednesday night they’re bringing back the Gold Glove center fielder in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers. Hunter Renfroe, who manned right field for Boston in 2021, will be shipped to Milwaukee in the deal.

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Who did Red Sox get for Bradley?

In exchange for shipping outfielder Hunter Renfroe to Milwaukee, the Red Sox received three players: outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. and infielders David Hamilton and Alex Binelas. Renfroe, 29, is coming off a bounce-back season in Boston. He hit .259/.315/.501 (112 OPS+) with 31 home runs and 33 doubles in 144 contests.

What team is Jbj on?

Jackie Bradley Jr./Current teams

How old is Jackie Bradley Junior?

31 years (April 19, 1990)
Jackie Bradley Jr./Age
The 31-year-old Bradley continues to impress with his defense, but not enough to atone for his lowly .

Where Will Jackie Bradley Jr play 2021?

Renfroe was a finalist for the Gold Glove in right field and was known for gunning down runners who tried to take extra bases against him. He batted .259/.315/.501 last season with 31 homers and 96 RBIs — both career highs. Bradley signed a two-year, $24 million deal with the Brewers in March of 2021.

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Is Jackie Bradley Jr still playing baseball?

(born April 19, 1990), nicknamed “JBJ”, is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB). He has also played for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Is Jackie Bradley Jr still playing?

Red Sox’s Jackie Bradley: Sent back to Boston 163/. He still provides elite defense in center field and figures to open 2021 as the favorite to start in center for Boston, where he spent the first eight years of his major-league career.

Is Jbj a free agent?

2023 Mutual option comes with an $8M buyout….Current Contract.

Contract: 2 yr(s) / $24,000,000
Signing Bonus
Average Salary $12,000,000
Free Agent: 2024 / UFA

What is a team option in MLB?

Definition. A club option is an optional year at the end of the contract which may be guaranteed at the discretion of the club. If the player is injured or performs on a level that the club believes the option value to be too expensive, the club will typically pay the buyout and decline the option.

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How many Gold Gloves does Jackie Bradley have?

He won a Gold Glove in 2018 and led the American League in assists by a center fielder in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019. Adding Bradley does provide a way to help manage the workload for Cain, who turns 35 next month and played just four games last season before opting out.

What is Jackie Bradley Jr salary?

6.1 million USD (2018)
Jackie Bradley Jr./Salary