Is JCO a good post in Indian Army?

Is JCO a good post in Indian Army?

In the Indian Army, due to their long years of service, officers accord JCOs great respect and JCOs have a great amount of influence, especially in cases involving the enlisted ranks, their welfare and morale. Another custom religiously followed is that a JCO is never addressed using just his name or rank.

Can I join JCO after 12th?

Minimum education qualification is Matric /10th/SSLC or equivalent with 45\% marks in aggregate and minimum 33\% marks in each subject studied at matric/10th/SSLC level, without mentioning any specific subjects.

What benefits do retired reservists get?

Reservists contribute to Social Security from their military and civilian pay. As a rule, they can receive Social Security coverage for retirement, survivors’ income, disability income, Medicare and burial expenses. All military retirees can receive both military and Social Security retirement checks.

How do I become a JCO in the Indian Army?

For JCO -Catering entry you must have a diploma in hotel management. Join the National Defence Academy & pass out from the Institute. After passing out one gets the rank of the junior commissioned officer & get posted to a regiment.

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What are the ranks of commissioned officers in Indian Army?

Commissioned officers are equivalent to All India Services and Group A service officers. Commissioned officers are the leaders and they can command anywhere from Platoon, Division, Battalion, Brigade, etc. Details and Insignia of each of the Indian Army Ranks are given below: 1. Field Marshal

What is the rank of a JCO in the Army?

JCOs are usually assigned as platoon commanders (a platoon comprises of around 3-4 sections, i.e around 30-40 soldiers) and they undergo a specific course for platoon commanders. The juniormost JCO is a Naib-Subedar, who wears one star on his shoulder with a red and yellow band.

What is it like to work in the Indian Army?

Indian army is following the British rank system since its independence in 1947. However, the crown in the rank insignia is replaced with the Ashoka Lion, which symbolizes the sovereignty of the government of India. Working at the Indian army also helps in personal and professional growth.