Is Patrick Peterson still good?

Is Patrick Peterson still good?

Peterson may not be at the level he was a few years ago when he was consistently playing at an All-Pro level, but he is still a very good player that can cover any receiver in the league and perform at a high level. At 31 years of age, Peterson can still run with the best and cover any receiver.

How did the Vikings get Patrick Peterson?

Minnesota Vikings put star CB Patrick Peterson on injured reserve because of a hamstring injury. The Minnesota Vikings placed starting cornerback Patrick Peterson on injured reserve Monday because of a hamstring injury. Peterson will miss at least the Vikings’ next three games with the move.

What Peterson plays for the Vikings?

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Adrian Peterson

No. 21 – Seattle Seahawks
Career history
Minnesota Vikings (2007–2016) New Orleans Saints (2017) Arizona Cardinals (2017) Washington Redskins (2018–2019) Detroit Lions (2020) Tennessee Titans (2021) Seattle Seahawks (2021–present)
Roster status: Practice squad
Career highlights and awards

Did Patrick Peterson play for the Vikings?

A member of the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 2010s, Peterson never missed a game due to injury during his decade in Arizona. During his first six games with the Vikings, Peterson recorded 13 tackles and two passes defensed. Minnesota went 1-2 in their three games without Peterson in the lineup.

Where is Patrick Peterson going?

Minnesota Vikings#7 / Cornerback
Morehead State Eagles football#57 / Defensive lineman
Patrick Peterson/Current teams
CB Patrick Peterson moving on from Cardinals to Vikings on one-year, $10M deal. The 10-year pro and eight-time Pro Bowler is leaving the Arizona Cardinals and signing with the Minnesota Vikings on a one-year deal worth $10 million, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

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How old is Patrick Peterson?

31 years (July 11, 1990)
Patrick Peterson/Age

Where is Patrick Peterson now?

Is Adrian Peterson good?

Peterson has posted terrific numbers during his career. He has 14,820 rushing yards (the fifth-most in NFL history) and 118 rushing touchdowns. He also has won an MVP, Offensive Player of the Year Award, Rookie of the Year award, has been named to seven Pro Bowls and has made four All-Pro teams.

How old is Peterson?

36 years (March 21, 1985)
Adrian Peterson/Age
Adrian Peterson’s NFL comeback is still alive. After the Tennessee Titans waived Peterson a little more than a week ago, the Seattle Seahawks signed the 36-year-old running back to the practice squad, coach Pete Carroll announced in a Wednesday press conference. “I just saw him,” Carroll said. “He’s in.

How much does Patrick Peterson weight?

219 lbs
Patrick Peterson/Weight

Does Patrick Peterson have kids?

Paityn Antonique Peterson
Patrick Peterson/Children

Does Peterson still play for the Cardinals?

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But Peterson’s final two years with the Cardinals went much different than his first eight seasons in the desert. Everything that went down between the veteran cornerback and Arizona since 2019 ultimately resulted in his departure from the franchise this year.