Is Sushant university good for BTech?

Is Sushant university good for BTech?

Review of School of Engineering and Technology, Sushant University. Placements: Placements are good, and top companies visit here to recruit students. Many technical and non-tech courses are offered to apply. The highest salary package offered is above 10 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is not below 3 LPA.

How is Ansal University Gurgaon Quora?

to summarize : Ansal is a very new university and it’s really difficult to say how things will turn out in the future, if you have an option for a decent college in IP then its more advisable. Do a thorough check with the current students in case you seek admission there.

Is Ansal University Same as Sushant university?

Best Private University in India Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) was established in 2012 under the Haryana Private Universities Act 2006. Located in the heart of Gurugram, India’s largest hub of National and Fortune 500 companies.

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How is Ansal University in Gurgaon?

Ranked 1st in the category of Most Promising Law School 2019 by the GHRDC Survey. Awarded ‘Best University of Design & Architecture Studies’ by ASSOCHAM, National Education Excellence Award 2017. Awarded ‘Best Private University Northern India 2016-17’ by National Education Excellence Award 2017.

Is Ansal University good Quora?

Ansal university is a decent option to consider for your b tech . Placement this year was also decent . you will get placed if your half decent. Ansal University is one of the good universities of North India.

Does Gurugram University have hostel?

Hostel Facilities : The hostel is allocated randomly based on first come first serve basis. Most of the hostel are new and in good condition as they are newly made. We have sharing of by 2, or 3 students in the beginning and at the last year we have our individual room.

Is Ansal a deemed university?

Sushant University erstwhile Ansal University (AU), formerly Ansal Institute of Technology (AIT), is a private university situated in Gurgaon, National Capital Region (NCR), India….Ansal University.

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