What does Dankie mean?

What does Dankie mean?

Interjection. dankie. (South Africa, slang) thanks.

How do you respond to Dankie?

Literally, this phrase means “Happily done” or “I did it with pleasure”. So when someone saying Dankie to you, you can simply reply with: Dit is ‘n plesier.

What does lekka mean in South Africa?

If something is really nice the Afrikaans word “lekker” is used, usually pronounced as “lekka”.

How do you say bye in South Africa?

In typical South African multi-purpose style, ‘aweh’ can also mean ‘goodbye’ or ‘yes’.

How do you say no in Africa?

Say nee in Afrikaans to say no. It is a long and low sound with an h sound like ya-hu. Afrikaans is one of the languages of South Africa.

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What language is jou?

From Dutch jou. Also related to English you.

Which language is Dankie?

Say Thank You

Language Thank you Pronunciation
Afrikaans dankie dahn-kee
Arabic shukran shoe-krahn
Australian English ta (informal)
Chinese, Cantonese do jeh daw-dyeh

What is the meaning of Baie Dankie?

In the int. phrr. baie dankie or (jocular) baie donkey [Afrikaans baie see baie], ‘thank you very much’. Hence as noun phrase, an utterance of the phr. ‘baie dankie’. 1963 B. Modisane Blame Me on Hist. (1986) 59 ‘Baie dankie, baasie,’ I said, bowing my head several times, ‘thank you very much, my baasie.’

What does Dankie mean in Afrikaans?

[ Afrikaans, from Dutch bedanken or danken to decline with thanks.] ‘No thank you’, a polite refusal; thank you. So as noun, an utterance of the word ‘dankie’, used in declining an offer.

What is the meaning of danken?

1857 C.J. Andersson Lake Ngami 264 (Pettman) In the Dutch language danken signifies a direct refusal, but not being aware of this, I interpreted it in the very reverse sense, as meaning ‘If you please’. As often, therefore, as I repeated the ominous words so often had I the mortification of seeing the smoking dishes pass by me.