What does thingamajig mean?

What does thingamajig mean?

Definition of thingamajig : something that is hard to classify or whose name is unknown or forgotten. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About thingamajig.

What is a thingy ma bob?

Thingamabob is a very informal word for an object whose name you don’t know, have forgotten, or can’t recall at the moment. It’s often used to refer to gadgets or parts of things that might not even have a commonly known name, as in Before we attach the bracket, we have to insert this thingamabob here.

What’s another word for thingamajig?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for thingamajig, like: doohickey, thingummy, whatchamacallit, contraption, device, gizmo, thingamabob, doodad, gadget, widget and doojigger.

Does Nicole Scherzinger date thingamajig?

Nicole Scherzinger And Thingamajig Have Their First Date In an Instagram video posted by Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong, Nicole finally gets to meet Victor after the show.

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Which of these words has its origin in an Indian language?

Atoll, avatar, bandana, bangle, bhelpuri, blighty, bungalow, calico, cashmere, catamaran, cheetah, cheroot, chintz, chit, choky, churidar, chutney, coir, cot, cowrie, cummerbund, cushy, curry, dal, dinghy, dharma, doolally, dungarees, godown, gymkhana, gunny, guru, jodhpurs, jungle, jute, karma, kedgeree, khaki.

What is the meaning of Geegaw?

: a showy trifle : bauble, trinket.

Who invented the word thingy?

The first records of the word thingy come from the 1700s from Scotland, where it was used to refer to little things. Later, in the 1800s, it entered more widespread use as a nonspecific way of referring to a thing. The suffix -y serves to make the word diminutive or informal.

Is whatchamacallit a proper word?

Whachamacallit is a very informal word for an object whose name you don’t know, have forgotten, or can’t recall at the moment. It’s also commonly spelled whatchamacallit.

What’s another name for whatchamacallit?

What is another word for whatchamacallit?

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thingamajig thingummy
thingamabob doodad
whatsit doohickey
dingus whatnot
thingumajig whatsis

Is Victor Oladipo in a relationship?

Victor Oladipo is single and ready to mingle. It’s been an interesting year for Victor Oladipo, Oladipo has already been traded once this season from the Indiana Pacers to the Houston Rockets. Oladipo was linked to IG model Natalia Castillo.