What does tridium Niagara do?

What does tridium Niagara do?

Niagara provides the critical device connectivity, cyber security, control, data management, device management and user presentation capabilities needed to extract value and insight from real-time operational data. Niagara connects and translates data from nearly any device or system. Watch the video to learn more.

Is tridium owned by Honeywell?

Tridium is an independent business entity of Honeywell International.

Does Honeywell own Niagara?

“Honeywell is committed to Tridium’s vision of Niagara as an open software framework for device-to-enterprise applications….

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Is tridium open source?

Originally developed by Tridium, Inc., Sedona is a software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications. Development of the technology is now being assumed by a Sedona community interested in keeping this open-source …

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Who owns Niagara BMS?

Niagara® | Universal Software Infrastructure. Tridium Niagara® is a building management system that utilizes an HTML framework to connect embedded devices or systems across a large number of manufacturers and communication protocols.

What is tridium Jace?

The Tridium JACE 8000 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard Web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the Internet.

What is tridium made from?

A rare radioactive isotope of hydrogen, H-3, having one proton and two neutrons in the nucleus and a half-life of 12.3 years, prepared artificially for use as a tracer and as a constituent of hydrogen bombs. [From Greek tritos, third; see trei- in Indo-European roots.]

What is Niagara building automation?

The Niagara Framework is a universal software infrastructure that allows building controls integrators, HVAC and mechanical contractors to build custom, web-enabled applications for accessing, automating and controlling smart devices real-time via local network or over the Internet.

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When did Niagara AX come out?

So in 2002, the Niagara Framework morphed into the more open Niagara AX, a complete redesign of the system, with open APIs for developers to create device-to-enterprise applications and internet-enabled products.

Who founded tridium?

Gerald Frank
Tridium Inc. is an American engineering hardware and software company based in Richmond, Virginia, whose products facilitate and integrate the automation of building and other engineering control systems….Tridium.

Industry Engineering automation
Founder Gerald Frank
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia , USA
Website tridium.com

What is tridium BMS?

TRIDIUM. Tridium is a leading supplier of software for automation, monitoring and integration applications in buildings. Their universal software framework, Niagara AX, is targeted at solving the challenges associated with managing smart devices in buildings online.

What is Honeywell tridium?

Tridium is a framework, software, and services company helping users of embedded devices to harness the power of the Internet and the latest technologies. Niagara is a proven technology that provides an integration framework for systems and devices across markets and around the world. …

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What is the Tridium Niagara software infrastructure?

The Tridium Niagara software infrastructure integrates diverse systems and devices into a cohesive platform that can be managed over the internet. The Tridium Niagra system is open-source and boasts a large community of development partners who work to expand the scope and improve the platform.

What is Tridium building management system?

Tridium building management system allows you to monitor and manage your building’s facilities. From HVAC to security, Tridium control systems brings exceptional value to building owners and management. Buildings become more efficient, smarter, use less energy, require lower operating costs, and deliver an ROI worth investing in.

What is niniagara framework®?

Niagara Framework® is a comprehensive software infrastructure that addresses the challenges of creating device-to-enterprise applications.

Why choose the Tridium range?

Designed and manufactured with the Niagara4 Framework in mind, the Tridium range offers scalable control and connectivity, with custom branding options available from Tyrrell Products. Tridium is a global leader in business application frameworks that have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect.