What is the advantage of Amazon Go?

What is the advantage of Amazon Go?

Obviously, the biggest advantage is time efficiency. The whole idea behind Amazon Go is that you grab what you need, and leave. Amazon Go veterans would be in and out in thirty seconds with the item that they wanted. In today’s fast paced society, it goes hand in hand with busy people.

What is the difference between Amazon Go and a traditional grocery store?

Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores located in the United States and operated by retail giant Amazon. It’s a new retail business model, a new method of cashier-less grocery shopping where shoppers could walk in, grab the stuff they wanted and just leave, without any interaction with the cashier.

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Is Amazon Go a success?

Less than a third of respondents have visited an Amazon Go location, but over half think the checkout-free format will be successful. However, 54\% of consumers who visited an Amazon Go described their experience as “excellent,” and 35\% thought it was “good.”

Does Amazon Go use facial recognition?

Amazon has mentioned that their Go stores don’t use any facial recognition technology. Instead, these cameras detect each customer’s general profile and track individuals with motion detection.

Are there any competitors to Amazon Go?

All of the major retail-tech categories — including palm payments, smart shelves and smart shopping carts — already have a number of startups competing in them. Companies like Keyo, Grabango, Standard Cognition, Aifi, Zippin and Trigo have all worked on various types of cashierless technology.

What is the difference between Amazon go and Amazon Fresh?

The concept of Amazon Go Grocery — larger than Amazon Go, with cashierless tech — will live on. The rebranded Capitol Hill location is described as a smaller format of Amazon Fresh. The larger format Amazon Fresh stores do not have the cashierless tech and still offer traditional checkout lines.

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Is Amazon go open to public?

Amazon’s first Go location, spanning about 1,800 square feet, finally opened to the public from the middle of Amazon’s Seattle campus in January 2018. The space — selling grab-and-go items such as sandwiches and snacks — was initially unveiled in late 2016. It was supposed to open to the public in early 2017.