What is the punishment for cheating in exam in China?

What is the punishment for cheating in exam in China?

Beijing: Students trying to copy in examinations in China will face a jail term of up to seven years as the government has brought a new law making cheating a crime. The new law, effective from November 1, will make cheating on major exams in China a crime punishable with a jail sentence.

Do you go to jail for cheating in China?

Since there are only so many slots in each college, the vast majority of students are disappointed with their scores each year. Whereas beforehand, a student would be scolded, suspended from school and stripped of a test score, now he could be sent to prison for 7 years if caught cheating.

Can you go to jail for cheating in China’s Gaokao?

But they got one — the promise of jail time if they were caught cheating on their tests. It’s the first time that custodial sentences have been stipulated for anyone using underhand tactics to get ahead their gaokao university entrance examinations — essentially China’s equivalent of America’s SAT.

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What is it like to take the Chinese Gaokao Exam?

Security is so tight that for the first time SWAT teams will accompany gaokao test papers, with at least eight police officers guarding each examination hall in Beijing, reports state media. For Chinese students, the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming.

What is the Gaokao and why is it important?

Now that the struggle was over, there was nothing he could do but wait for the result. The gaokao is emblematic of the Chinese education system as a whole. In the west, it is often seen as monolithic and rote; in China as tough but fair.

Are there nannies at the gaokao exam?

There are short-term nannies — normally students at top universities who recently bested the gaokao themselves — who are paid top dollar to act as study partners, even moving in with their charges for maximum effect. Some parents pay for hotel rooms near the testing center to maximize sleep and pretest swatting time.