What jobs can you get with a molecular engineering degree?

What jobs can you get with a molecular engineering degree?

Molecular engineers work in virtually every industry, including pharmaceutical research, materials science, robotics, mechanical engineering and biotechnology. Because molecular engineering is considered a “general-purpose technology,” it has the potential to impact almost all industries and areas of society.

Does Uchicago have chemical engineering?

The Chemical Engineering major is part of the engineering program at University of Chicago.

What do biomolecular engineers do?

Biomolecular engineers integrate knowledge of biological processes with the core knowledge of chemical engineering in order to focus on molecular level solutions to issues and problems in the life sciences related to the environment, agriculture, energy, industry, food production, biotechnology and medicine.

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What is a molecular engineering degree?

Molecular engineering is an emerging field of study concerned with the design and testing of molecular properties, behavior and interactions in order to assemble better materials, systems, and processes for specific functions.

Does the University of Chicago have mechanical engineering?

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering | University of Illinois Chicago.

Does Uchicago have bioengineering?

Another strength of our major program is the option to concentrate in one of three tracks—bioengineering, chemical engineering, or quantum engineering—to deepen your knowledge in the area that interests you most.

Is Biomolecular Engineering a good major?

You see, most biomedical students have a challenging time finding jobs and end up going to grad school as a result. However, biomedical engineering might be a good major if you are interested in going to graduate school for engineering, medical school, pharmacy, dental, or law.

Who fathered the phrase molecular engineering?

In 1986, K. Eric Drexler published the first book on nanotechnology “Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology”, which led to the theory of “molecular engineering” becoming more popular [8].

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Why study molecular engineering at UChicago?

All undergraduate molecular engineering programs complement the breadth of the UChicago general education requirements and provide students with the opportunity to delve into quantum, biological, chemical, and soft materials engineering.

What is a minor in molecular engineering?

The minor program in Molecular Engineering is designed for undergraduates majoring in physical or biological science, mathematics, computer science, economics, or related fields. The overall objective of the program is to provide basic engineering tools and ways of thinking to students that augment scientific approaches and problem–solving skills.

What is a Master of Science in molecular engineering?

The Master of Science in Molecular Engineering (MSME) program is a course-work focused professional Master’s degree. Students enrolled in the MSME program will choose a particular coursework track that engages their academic interests to follow through degree completion.

How do I become a molecular engineer?

Students who satisfy the mathematics, chemistry, and physics requirements during their second year will be able to complete the Molecular Engineering major during their third and fourth years, but may be unable to avail themselves of advanced engineering opportunities. 2. Starting the program.