What should I study for NCC C certificate?

What should I study for NCC C certificate?

The Cadet must have attended a minimum of 75\% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first and second years of Junior Division/Wing NCC (All Wings)….

  • Mountaineering Basic Course.
  • Mountaineering Advance Course.
  • Water Skiing/Snow Skiing Courses.
  • Snow & Ice (Condensed) Course.

How can I prepare for NCC exam?

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  1. Set a time table.
  2. Working with previous question papers.
  3. Read newspaper daily.
  4. Watch debates.
  5. Creative utilisation of free time.
  6. Ask questions and know more.
  7. Collect details and prepare a notebook.
  8. Effectively use internet.

How is NCC C certificate exam conducted?

NCC presently conducts three certificate examinations, these evaluations are conducted as a written paper for theory and practical in the second year of junior division for Part ‘A’ and in the second and third year of senior division for Part ‘B’ and ‘C’.

What is the syllabus of NCC exam?

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6. NCC Syllabus. The syllabus includes common subjects for all three wings and specialized subjects with respect to Army, Air Force and Navy. The common subjects comprise of approximately 70\% and specialized service is 30\% of the curriculum.

What is C Certificate exam in NCC?

Certificate – C : Is the highest level certificate for NCC cadets. It can be taken in the 3rd year of training, in the 3rd year of degree course. Those who possess a Certificate – B can take it in the first year after their +2, and in the 1st year of their degree.

Which grade is best in NCC C certificate?

Grading in Certificate Three certificates are awarded (1) A grade, (2) B grade, (3) C grade. The best certificate is A, which has the highest value. (i) A cadet has to obtain 45\% marks in each paper & 50\% marks in the aggregate to pass the examination. Grading is based on total marks obtain will be awarded as follows.