Which business is best under 5 lakhs in India?

Which business is best under 5 lakhs in India?

20 ventures you can start with Rs 5 lakh!

Business Skills needed Amount you need to start (Rs)
Ultra-short temping services Networking 1,000
Shoe wash Knowledge of using the chemicals involved, marketing 7,000
Food delivery Marketing and sales 15,000
Uniform making Man management 20,000

How much do entrepreneurs earn in India?

Entrepreneur salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 29.9 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 446 salaries received from Entrepreneurs.

What is the highest salary of entrepreneur?

The highest salary for an Entrepreneur in India is ₹1,56,710 per month. What is the lowest salary for an Entrepreneur in India? The lowest salary for an Entrepreneur in India is ₹15,547 per month.

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What kind of Business can I start with 5 lakhs?

10 Best Business Ideas That You Can Start Under 5 Lakhs Investment. 1 1. Sell online. Select a niche in which you will be selling products, say mobile phone accessories. Find products like phone case, charger, cover, 2 2. Pest Control Business. 3 3. Printing Business. 4 4. Clothing Store. 5 5. Wedding Equipment Rental.

Is it profitable to start an import export business with 5 lakhs?

It depends on the customer availability and the quality of the products. These days both paper and plastic cups and plates are in high demand. In 5 lakhs investment, you can start with one machine. 7. Import Export Import Export is definitely a profitable and lucrative business.

What is the best business to start in India?

In this list of businesses, some ideas are manufacturing based and some are service based. 1. Agarbatti (Incense Sticks) Manufacturing Business – India is potential market for agarbatti business because of its uses in various ocassions across the country.

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How much does it cost to start a franchise in India?

The good news is that one doesn’t have to pay any royalties or profit sharing for the franchisee and one can get it just by spending Rs 2 lakh to Rs 6 lakh for a good profit. The franchisee will have a prebuilt shop/space in a good location either owned or rented.