Which is better static or dynamic call in COBOL?

Which is better static or dynamic call in COBOL?

Because a statically called program is link-edited into the same load module as the calling program, a static call is faster than a dynamic call. A static call is the preferred method if your application does not require the services of the dynamic call.

What is dynamic and static call in COBOL?

A static call is specified withe a CALL LITERAL, and the program is compiled with COBOL NODYNAM option. Dynamjc Call. A call to the subprogram at the time of exectution (run time) is called Dynamic call. Dynamic call uses less CPU time, memory required can be less. Degrades performance.

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How can you tell if a call is static or dynamic in COBOL?

Quote: When you use a CALL literal statement in a program that is compiled using the DYNAM and the NODLL compiler options, or when you use the CALL identifier statement in a program that is compiled using the NODLL compiler option, a dynamic call occurs.

How do you change a static call to a dynamic call in COBOL?

For COBOL-DB2 programs you can easily convert static calls to dynamic without even modifying your code. Use DYNAM compiler option to compile your cobol code. It will itself covert all the static call into dynamic calls. This way you could be sure of dynamic calls if your code compiles successfully.

What is dynamic call in COBOL?

Dynamic CALLs In the dynamic CALL, the called COBOL subprogram is not link-edited with the main program, but is instead link-edited into a separate load module, and, at run time, is loaded only when it is called.

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What is a static call?

When you use the CALL literal statement in a program that is compiled using the NODYNAM and NODLL compiler options, a static call occurs. With these options, all CALL literal calls are handled as static calls. With static calls statement, the COBOL program and all called programs are part of the same program object.

What is the difference between static and dynamic characteristics?

Static characteristics where the performance criteria for the measurement of quantities that remain constant. Or vary only quite slowly. Dynamic characteristics on the other hand, shows the relationship between the system input and output when the measured quantity is varying rapidly.

What is the difference between static and dynamic friction?

Static friction is friction that occurs between two bodies in contact with one another while they are at rest. It’s friction which prevents an object from moving while it is still. Dynamic (or kinetic) friction is friction that opposes the movement of a body which is already in motion.

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What is string and Unstring in COBOL?

String is used to combine two or more strings/variables in to a single string. UNSTRING verb is used to unstring/divide the source string into different sub-strings.

What is a dynamic call?

Dynamic CALLs When a dynamic CALL statement calls a subprogram that is not resident in storage, the subprogram is loaded from secondary storage into the region or partition containing the main program and a branch to the subprogram is performed.

What is a static call in COBOL?