Which Resident Evil character is the strongest?

Which Resident Evil character is the strongest?

The 15 Most Powerful Monsters In The Resident Evil Games, Ranked

  1. 1 Jack Baker (Resident Evil VII)
  2. 2 Derek Simmons (Resident Evil 6)
  3. 3 T-078 (Resident Evil: Code Veronica)
  4. 4 Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)
  5. 5 Hunters (Resident Evil 3)
  6. 6 Miranda (Resident Evil Village)
  7. 7 Mendez (Resident Evil 4)
  8. 8 Mr.

Who is the main character in Resident Evil 4?

Leon is the protagonist of Resident Evil 4 (2005).

Who is the coolest character in Resident Evil?

Resident Evil: The 10 Best Characters In The Franchise, Ranked

  1. 1 Leon Kennedy. As one of Resident Evil’s earliest characters, Leon has been through a lot.
  2. 2 Albert Wesker.
  3. 3 Jill Valentine.
  4. 4 Chris Redfield.
  5. 5 Jack Baker.
  6. 6 Ada Wong.
  7. 7 Claire Redfield.
  8. 8 Ethan Winters.
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Is Albert Wesker the strongest?

I would say the strongest Resident Evil character is Albert Wesker. I will say however that the Baker family is a close second because they are basically immortal. The reason I chose Wesker is because of his fighting ability, combined with the fact that he has super powers thanks to the virus that lives in his body.

How strong is Leon Kennedy?

Strength. Despite anyone’s claim otherwise, Leon has been shown to have incredible strength, as he is able to lift a woman, and a large B.O.W (who must have been at least half a ton) with one hand. Moves large boulder, with some assistance. Wrestles with giant fish monster.

Who is the main villain in Resident Evil series?

Alex Wesker
The primary antagonist of the main game is Alex Wesker, the only other survivor out of the Wesker children. Albert is briefly shown in the main story in a portrait with Alex.

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Who is the main hero of Resident Evil?

Chris Redfield is the face and, arguably, the main protagonist of the series. He first appeared alongside Jill Valentine in Resident Evil as a main playable character and member of S.T.A.R.S., and he has been in the most games out of any character in the franchise.

How old is Wesker re1?

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Remake)

Category Character
Age 38
Blood type O
Height 183cm
Weight 84.5kg

How strong is Wesker?

Superhuman Strength: Thanks to his injecting himself with that prototype virus, Wesker’s strength is so much that he can throw large missiles with one hand, lift steel girders off his body, and kill a B.O.W. with one strike.