Who is the best soccer player to ever exist?

Who is the best soccer player to ever exist?

MARADONA. A joint winner of FIFA’s Player of the Century Award along with Pelé, Argentinian midfielder Diego Maradona is quite easily the most iconic midfield maestro of all time.

Who has never missed a World Cup?

Italy, which lost its qualifier playoff four years ago, has never missed consecutive World Cups. Before 2018, the only other time the Azzurri failed to qualify was in 1958.

Who is the oldest player to win FIFA World Cup?

Dino Zoff may not be the oldest World Cup player ever, but he is the oldest World Cup winner! Zoff was 40 years old when Italy won, 3 – 1, over West Germany at the 1982 World Cup finals.

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Did George Best ever play in a World Cup?

He is regarded as one of the greatest players never to have played at a World Cup, and like his namesake, Liberia star George Weah, he was “hamstrung in World Cup terms by hailing from a global minnow”. On 15 May 1971, Best scored possibly the most famous “goal” of his career at Windsor Park in Belfast against England.

Who never played England?

England have also never beaten five teams that they have played at least once: Algeria, Ghana, Honduras, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. England have played all of these teams only once, the other being Saudi Arabia (two matches, both drawn).

Who played most World Cups?

World Cup / / / Records / / / Most matches

Player Span Mat
RT Ponting (AUS) 1996-2011 46
SR Tendulkar (INDIA) 1992-2011 45
DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 1999-2015 40
M Muralitharan (SL) 1996-2011 40

Who are some footballers who have never made it to the World Cup?

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While the likes of Pele, Diego Maradona and Michel Platini have all played in the game’s greatest competitions, there have been many more legends of the game who failed to make it into the competition. Some of these players have been unlucky because of the countries they have played for, but others have just been plain unlucky.

Who are the top 10 greatest footballers of all time?

1 Alfredo Di Stefano: Spain, Colombia, Argentina. 2 George Best: Northern Ireland. 3 Duncan Edwards: England. 4 George Weah: Liberia. 5 Ryan Giggs: Wales. 6 Laszlo Kubala: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Spain. 7 Eric Cantona: France. 8 Valentino Mazzola: Italy. 9 Abedi Ayew: Ghana. 10 Bernd Schuster: Germany.

Why did Bill Foulkes never play in the World Cup?

Bill Foulkes never appeared in a World Cup due to all the competition he had in his position, with players like Bobby Moore to contend with. He did have his share of success with Manchester United though, picking up a European Cup, four league trophies and a FA Cup during his career.

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Who is Finland’s greatest football player ever?

Jari Litmanen is certainly Finland’s best player ever. The attacking midfielder made his name at Ajax where he picked up numerous domestic winners medals and a UEFA Champions League trophy.