Why are Samsung smartphones so popular?

Why are Samsung smartphones so popular?

While Samsung has adopted completely different approach. Samsung has always tried to offer range of phones for different range of prize brackets. This has brought Samsung success across the globe, especially in prize sensitive markets. This strategy has made Samsung the smartphone giant of the world we know today.

Is Samsung famous in India?

The South Korean Samsung Electronics company is rated as India’s most attractive and trusted brand of mobiles. Samsung has one of the largest lower priced handsets market in India with record earnings and profit.

Why are Samsung phones expensive in India?

Samsung has hundreds of Samsung stores and thousands of third-party dealer stores. These physical brick and mortar stores cost a lot of money. Moreover, when Samsung sells their phone through a dealer, they need to give them a commission. All these things cost money.

Who is India’s No 1 smartphone brand?

The Indian smartphone industry witnessed steady growth in smartphone shipments during the month of October. Xiaomi emerged as the number one smartphone brand with a 20 percent market share, followed by Realme, Samsung, and Vivo.

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Why do Samsung phones hang?

The main problem with Samsung which cause Smartphones to hang is the lack of providing stable software updates. The older generation flagships of Samsung and the budget Samsung devices hardly get any OTA updates. Due to this major concern lead to Samsung Smartphones hangover time and makes the device slower.

Which is the best Android smartphone brand in India?

Samsung is one of the dominant smartphone makers in India and the world and its Galaxy phones have always been highly valued Android options. It’s probably the only smartphone brand in India to offer phones as affordable as Rs 8,000 and as costly as Galaxy Fold at Rs 164,999.

Which is the best Samsung phone in India in 2021?

We also expect Samsung to introduce new foldable phones in 2021. Until the introduction of upcoming phones, these are the 10 best Samsung phones in India: What is the best Samsung phone in February 2021? The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Samsung phone as of February 2021.

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Which is the best Samsung phone under RS 40K in India?

The Galaxy S20 FE is the best Samsung phone under Rs 40,000 that one can buy.

What are the 5G smartphones available in India?

While 5G tech is still to launch in India, there are already quite a few 5G ready smartphones available.Below are the 5g smartphones available in India along with their features, specifications, and prices that buyers can consider: OnePlus Nord 2 5G is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI processor. It supports dual 5G SIM cards.