Can people find out your pen name?

Can people find out your pen name?

A pseudonym, also known as a pen name or nom de plume, is a fictitious name that a writer or author uses instead of his or her real name. A pen name is listed as the author’s name on a published book, and readers often do not know the real name or identity of the author.

Can an author hide his identity?

A pen name may be used specifically to hide the identity of the author, as with exposé books about espionage or crime, or explicit erotic fiction. Some prolific authors adopt a pseudonym to disguise the extent of their published output, e. g. Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman.

Why authors hide their identity?

Author have chosen to publish novels under a pseudonym for many reasons—a chance to work in a different genre without alienating their existing fans; a way to test how much their fame influences their books’ reception; maybe even to evade the prejudices of their time.

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Do most authors use pen names?

Many writers use pen names—but there’s a right way and a wrong way to publish your book, stories, poems, or essays under a pseudonym. Actors and artists often use fictitious names, and writers sometimes choose to create under a different persona as well.

Do anonymous authors get paid?

If you are working through a more traditional publishing house, you should make sure that your contract makes it clear that though you are publishing under a pseudonym, you are still to be paid under your legal name.

Is Jed Mckenna a real person?

Stephen Mitchell ( who Jed Mckenna may be ) is a spiritual author , poet, translator, scholar, and anthologist. He is married to author Byron Katie.

Is Adyashanti a Jed McKenna?

Yes, they both say very similar things and use the same words. But Adyashanti has a soft, doe-eyed approach whereas Mckenna is jarring, ruthlessly direct and doesn’t care what you think–so if it is Adyashanti, then he has an uncanny ability to take on a very different almost-opposite writing persona.