Can there be stealth in space?

Can there be stealth in space?

There Ain’t No Stealth In Space.

How does stealth work in the expanse?

Stealth technologies are the various way in which ships and weapons platforms are built/coated to hide them from detection. For ships however, this only works when the ship is running silent with its fusion drive deactivated and using only passive systems.

How do ships detect other ships?

Marine radars are X band or S band radars on ships, used to detect other ships and land obstacles, to provide bearing and distance for collision avoidance and navigation at sea. Radar is a vital navigation component for safety at sea and near the shore.

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Can you detect heat in space?

Super insulation does not help because you need to get rid of some heat at least to avoid being cooked alive. The problem is that temperature radiation sticks out like a sore thumb before the totally black space background. Heat radiation can be detected by a distance of 13.4⋅√A⋅T[K]2.

What will you do to determine whether the ship would pose any hazard with and without using an ARPA?

The Radar should be used so long as it is functional to warn the watch keeper of the danger in as great a time interval as possible. This implies that the Radar has to be used for long range scanning to detect the ships and do a radar plot to determine whether the ship would pose any hazard or not.

How do the astronauts talk with each other?

How do astronauts communicate with each other? The astronauts have devices in their helmets which transfer the sound waves from their voices into radio waves and transmit it to the ground (or other astronauts in space). This is exactly the same as how your radio at home works.

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What will happen if the spaceship spins?

But there is a problem if the spaceship spins. It will have the Coriolis effect. It will be like the ball on the merry-go-round. Things will pull to the left or right.

How can a spaceship go to the surface of the Earth?

Your spaceship just needs to thrust continually at 1 g away from Earth to maintain position as it slows down, and then it can lower itself down to the surface, as slowly or as quickly as your pilot wishes. But we don’t have such fuels yet.

Are yachts considered stealth ships?

Yachts made out of fiber reinforced plastics reflect radar signals poorly. They can also be considered stealth ships — albeit unintentionally. That’s why they carry a radar reflector on the mast — an octahedron made out of plated metal. This way the the ship becomes visible on the navigation radars of other ships.

How do engineers make a ship invisible?

Engineers who want to make a large ship invisible also use plastic or other special surfaces. These are designed to disperse the radar signals in all directions, rather than reflecting it back. They also build planes and ships with the walls and wings at specific angles.