Can we really win prizes on Flipkart?

Can we really win prizes on Flipkart?

You need to keep a watch on the Flipkart app for this. Twice a day, 10 questions will be posed; whoever answers them correctly in the least time will find themselves a place in the leaderboard. Winning names will be declared right after the game and can also be viewed under the ‘your recently played games’ section.

How do I win a quiz on Flipkart?

How to participate in Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz?

  1. Download / Open the Flipkart App.
  2. Login or Sign up into Flipkart application.
  3. Goto ‘Games’ section on Flipkart App.
  4. Find ‘Sirf Ek Minute’ in Games section .
  5. Answer all 6 questions correctly.
  6. Done. Congratulations !! You are eligible to win the exciting prizes everyday.
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What is Flipkart quiz?

Flipkart Quiz is Flipkart’s Daily Gaming Contest Available only in App. This Quiz is available in Flipkart App’s Video Section & Game Zone Section.

Where is Flipkart quiz in app?

Game Zone section
The quiz is located in the Game Zone section on the Flipkart app.

Are Flipkart games real?

Here are the facts: Flipkart has no association with websites running fake online games or offers. Flipkart has not authorized such games or sponsored the rewards they offer.

How do you win a quiz?

A quiz expert’s top ten ways to win a pub quiz (starting with laying off the booze)

  1. 1) Go easy on the booze.
  2. 2) If in doubt, Charlie out.
  3. 3) Keep moving forward.
  4. 4) Use bad handwriting.
  5. 5) Only give a surname.
  6. 6) Don’t trust your hunch…
  7. 7) It’s good to talk.
  8. 8) Say anything.

Are flipkart games real?

How can I guess on Flipkart?

How To Play Flipkart Guess What Game?

  1. Open the Flipkart app on your mobile.
  2. Click on the big billion days sale banner.
  3. Scroll down and hit the Flipkart guess what game banner.
  4. Tap on start game.
  5. Guess the Image – Use the given character to form a word that represents the Image shown.
  6. Submit the answer within 20 seconds.
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Does Amazon really give prizes in India?

Yes. It does. It publishes the names of winners too. And when a company is spending millions of dollars on it’s Indian business operations, A few lakh worth of prizes is like pocket change for them!

How can I win mobile on Flipkart?

Steps to win prizes in Flipkart Quiz – Best time to play Flipkart quiz

  1. Download the Flipkart mobile app from PlayStore or Apple Store.
  2. Get the Flipkart quiz answers from here.
  3. Choose the best time to play Flipkart quiz from below.
  4. And start playing the quiz and unlock the reward just after completing the quiz.

What can you do with your Supercoins flipkart quiz?

1 SuperCoin = Rs. 1 and you can use them to buy various products and vouchers from Flipkart. Each contest episode will be live for the next 24 hours and you can answer anytime within the time frame. Win More 🤑: Invite 5 Friends to Play this Game on Flipkart and Win Prizes upto Rs.

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How can I get first prize in Flipkart?