Can you email JYP Entertainment?

Can you email JYP Entertainment?

guys do you know how to join JYP fans? e-mail [email protected] about your problem.

Can you send fanmail to Straykids?

Anybody can send fan letters / small message books for SKZ to the JYP Center address: [Member Name], JYP Center, 205 Gangdongdae-ro, Gangdong-gu Seoul, postal code: 05407 This address has been available on Fan’s for a long time!

How do you gift a KPOP Idol?

Multiple ways: You can go to fan signs and give them to the idols directly, but getting into a fan sign is slim like 1/1000 chance. The other way is that you can send it to them by shipping it to their address. You can find their address on their website and use it to send your favorite idols gifts.

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What does JYP send you after auditioning?

There are 3 emails JYP will send you after auditioning first one is the email saying “ [JYP ENT] You have successfully applied for the audition” So this email an automated email practically just means that your application has been submitted. This is how it looks like

How do I contact JYP Entertainment?

The contact number of Jyp Entertainment is +1 212-273-3480. The email address of Jyp Entertainment is . Hello jyp I really need help and to get away from my abusive family brfore I can not get away.

What does it mean when you get an email from JYP?

They are just informing you that your application has been viewed and evaluated by the judges, they have seen it. It does not mean you got in. In case you get another email soon, may mean you got selected. It’s been a week and I still haven’t gotten a response from jyp if they have evaluated my audition.

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How long does it take for JYP to send out an application?

From my experience, JYP sends the first email in a couple of seconds to your email saying they have received your application. They then take a couple of days or weeks. This could range from as short as 2 days or as long as a month. This usually depends on how many people send in an application.