Did U-boats use deck guns?

Did U-boats use deck guns?

Two notable deck guns from German U-boats used in World War II were the 8.8 cm (3.5 in) SK C/35 (not to be confused with 8.8 cm Flak) and the 10.5 cm (4.1 in) SK C/32. In the US Navy, deck guns were used through the end of World War II, with a few still equipped in the early 1950s.

How did U-boat deck guns work?

Illustration by Morten Kutschera. In order to use the weapon the U-boat had to be on the surface naturally and it was normally not used when aircraft were suspected to be around. It required a line of men (3 which on the deck) to transport the ammunition from the main locker below the control room to the gun.

What are two advantages of using a deck gun?

The big advantages of this device for this use is its speed (it can be employed off the booster tank as soon as the pumps are engaged) and its minimal manpower requirements (only one person is needed for this task; the engine chauffeur can often do it alone.)

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What PSI Do you flow a deck gun?

80 psi
In the case of master stream nozzles, the standard pressure is 80 psi. Unfortunately, the deck gun discharge gauges on fire apparatus do not take their pressure readings at the tip or even at the base of the master stream nozzle.

What weapons did u boats carry?

Torpedoes. The U-boats’ main weapon was the torpedo, though mines and deck guns (while surfaced) were also used. By the end of the war, almost 3,000 Allied ships (175 warships; 2,825 merchant ships) were sunk by U-boat torpedoes.

How much does a submarine crew make?

Submarine Officer Salaries

Job Title Salary
US Navy Submarine Officer salaries – 48 salaries reported $103,322/yr
US Navy Submarine Officer salaries – 1 salaries reported $130,342/yr
US Department of Defense Submarine Officer salaries – 1 salaries reported $70,702/yr

How far can a deck gun shoot?

The best use of the deck gun on interior fires is on first- and second-floor fires with the apparatus placed 25 to 30 feet from the building. Deck guns can be very useful at advanced fires inside one particular type of occupancy, the ground-floor store.

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How much water does a deck gun use?

A deluge gun can discharge 2,000 US gallons (7,600 liters) per minute or more. A master stream is a fire service term for a water stream of 350 US gallons (1,300 liters) per minute or greater. It is delivered by a master stream device, such as a deck gun, deluge gun, or fire monitor.

How far can a deck gun reach?

If you are using a deck gun off a modern apparatus, the tip can be 12 or more feet off the ground. You won’t have much success hitting a first-floor window of a ranch house 40 feet from the apparatus. Aiming isn’t as simple as it might first appear.

How many gpm does a deck gun flow?

The deck gun might be a regional term, I have also heard it called the monitor, or the “Stang”, but we are talking about the engine mounted master stream. Most engine mounted master streams, fog, or a stack of smooth bore tips have a flow range of 500 to 1000 GPM.

How powerful was the deck gun on a U-boat?

The German U-boats of types I, VII, IX and X had a very powerful secondary weapon which was the deck gun. Each boat had one in front of the conning tower and with a good crew they could fire 15-18 rounds a minute.

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Why did the U-boat have such poor gun range?

The U-boat however, was a poor gun platform since it rolled a lot, and ocean waves frequently washed over, making the gun platform slippery and hazardous. To prevent the crews from being washed over, they were fastened with life lines. A further factor was deck guns had no range finders, so engagements had to be done at close range.

What happened to the used rounds in a U-boat?

The used rounds were taken back into the boat. The U-boats had a small water-proof ammunition locker for the gun on the deck in order to be able to start firing almost immediately when the order was given. The smaller Type II coastal U-boats had no deck gun. In 1937 plans were drawn up for type XI U-boat cruisers.

Did U-boats have to be manned?

The anti-aircraft gun (s) had to be manned as well as the deck gun. type IX U-boats also had a 37mm cannon mounted on the deck aft of the conning tower that would be manned too. The commander had to be on the bridge as well as the Second Watch Officer (IIWO).